Michael Jordan & Ryan Knuppel Pickup Game Video

Check out this awesome one of a kind video of Michael Jordan playing some pickup basketball back in his “prime”. I was actually at this event. It was during his bsaketball camp that he held at Elmhurst College. Actually I was playing in this game. Can anyone find me? I’m the one getting nearly YAMMMMIED on by Shawn Marion.

The Great BWW Flood of 2013

Not such a great start to my favorite restaurants 2013.  BWW in East Peoria had a pipe break or something the other day.  Check out the water damage and disaster in this video.  It’s like it’s raining in BWW!  Hope they get it fixed soon cause I’m hungry for some Asian Zing!

Everyone Is So Giving When Talking About Winning The Lottery!

How many times have you heard it? “If I win the lottery, I’ll definitely give you $xx,xxx amount of money!” This was everywhere I went this morning and just made me chuckle. The Powerball is up to a record high $500,000,000 – yes – that is 500 MILLION DOLLARS. So everyone and their mother is jumping on board and buying these lotto tickets. Everyone has those false hopes that this could be their day to shine. I was at the gas station this morning getting my usual diet pepsi and a guy in front of me was clearly buying lotto tickets. As he was done he told the cashier, “If I win, I’ll give you $10,000.” What a nice gesture. The cashier looked pumped and wanted him to give her his name, etc… Just so happened that he owned a small apartment complex in the area and this cashiers family rented from him. The guy says, “Tell them if I win – I’ll give them $10,000 as well.” LOL… So how many times did this same guy say this throughout the day? And the real question – when he wins – will he remember?

Asking for Trouble

Deals like this are just asking for trouble. You told me you would give me a million dollars. I was kidding! Now lawyers are involved and all of this. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. These people actually have to win the lottery first which ISNT going to happen. But save yourself the freakin headache and quit telling a hundred people you’ll give them money if you win!

So that’s my random thought of the day. And no – I did not buy a Powerball lottery ticket this morning. I’m still tempted to buy one after work – but I’ll most likely forget.

GOOD LUCK to all of you that did play!

Wait – last thought – how is playing the lottery legal but betting on sports isn’t? Or playing poker isn’t? Poker and sports betting are way more skill games than the freakin lottery. Makes me so mad. Lottery is pure gambling at it’s finest yet we can spend billions on it. But make a simple sports bet or play a home poker game and you are breaking the law. Rant over.

This Could Be Your JFL Kid Next Year?

Most of you know that I am already leary of my kids playing Youth JFL football. Just seems like a concussion or injury waiting to happen. Watch this massive running back just TRUCK this smaller defender! This can’t be good for the kids brain waves!

Luckily in the Morton JFL league you can’t run the ball if you are “that big”. But it must be happening somewhere.

2012-13 Morton Basketball Schedules

I’m sick and tired of not being able to find these schedules.  It’s like torture going through whatever system Morton HS is using to find the schedule I want.  So, below are the 2012-13 Morton Varsity Boys, 2012-13 Morton Varsity Girls and 2012-13 Morton Freshman Girls basketball schedules:

Obviously I won’t be editing this if things change.  So if you really want to verify Morton high school keeps their sports schedules here.
Update – you can also watch Morton games or listen in here.


My First Half Marathon Experience

Well I guess I can say, “I did it.” I completed my very first half marathon this past weekend. My brother and I ran in the Rock’n Roll St. Louis Half Marathon – yes 13.1 miles – that went around downtown St. Louis. Did I enjoy it? Did I finish? Will I do it again? Keep reading for the results.


So this venture began with my wife, Sarah Knuppel, and her friend deciding they were going to start training for this half marathon. This was 17 weeks before the race and they were all serious and ready to go. If any of you know me, you know that I’m a super competitive guy. Was I about to let my wife run a half marathon without me? NO WAY!!! So the thought got in my head that I would begin training for this half marathon.

Seventeen weeks out is a long way. So most of the runs were 3-4 miles long and pretty easy to do. I built up some pretty good endurance on these runs though. I then somehow talked my brother into running this with me. So now we both scoured the internet for an ideal training plan that fit the schedule we were working with. Boom – time to roll!

So we ran together on and off and I don’t think I missed a day. Very dedicated and felt awesome. 5 miles, 6 miles – easy. My 7 mile ran was torture becauase I attempted to run it in the heat on a windy day. BAD IDEA! 8 miles, 9 miles, 10 miles…. Completed them all and used MapMyRun to do the tracking for awhile – AWESOME site/app. Finally came the 12 mile run and my brother and I were going to run the trail together. This was 2 weeks before the race. I felt good as can be! So we took off for this 12 mile extravaganza from Morton down the biking path. 8 miles came and we were now in the thick of East Peoria – near Buffalo Wild Wings. Do we turn around or keep going?

Turning around was a bad option as we would have ended halfway. So we kept trucking across the Peoria bridge! Now Rodney had to get on his phone (while running) and ask our youngest brother to come pick us up in 30 minutes. Thank the lord he was awake and agreed. So now we hit some hills, sidewalks, bumps in downtown Peoria. My left knee started to ache. What was that? OUCH! Well I was about 9-10 miles in and no way I was stopping. So we kept rollin. Past the Civic Center, past Bradley campus, past Jumers. Finally ended up with 12 miles around MLK drive. WOW! I was in severe pain around the knee. I figured this was expected on such a long run. Right?

Runners Knee Pain Begins

So yeah, the pain was there. Now I had 2 weeks to get ready for this half marathon. I’d trained to hard to not do it. So I opted to rest my knee the next couple weeks instead of running the normal amount the plan said. I ran on and off. But each time the pain came back around 2-3 mile marker. Sharp pain in the left knee.

So I did some research and was about 100% sure I have “Runners Knee“. Basically the cartilege in my knee is worn to the bone and my bones are rubbing as I run. OUCH!!! Can I run through this? I did some more research and decided yes. I could try.

Nervous for the First Time in Years

All week I was nervous for the race. I knew I could mentally make it. I’d trained and felt good. But could I physically make it? Not a good feeling! I didn’t talk about the race at all in fear I wouldn’t be able to finish. What a let down that would have been. Sarah tried to talk me out of running…. WAIT… Sarah…

So, I forgot to mention that Sarah has now conveniently stopped training and is NOT running in the race. Awesome… So now I’m doing all of this for nothing?! :)

But anyways – I’m nervous for this race and I never get nervous for anything.

My Race Day

So the race begins at 7:00 AM on Sunday morning. Drew had a JFL football game at 3:30 Saturday back in Morton so I wasn’t able to leave til that night. I’m not a big fan of spending the night just for a few hours, so I opted to wake up at 2:15 AM Sunday morning and drive to St. Louis for the race! Crazy? Maybe! But that alarm went off at 2:15 and I was ready to roll!

I drank tons of water on the way up to make sure I was hydrated. Stopped several times for the restroom and still made it downtown by 5:15 AM. Not many people were out yet so I picked up my packet and started mentally preparing. I decided to prep my knee with lathering on the Biofreeze cream to numb the pain as I went. I also took some IB Profin to try and ease the pain. One last trip to the restroom (huge lines now for the porta pots) and it was time to head to our gate. We went to corral 9 and got ready to rock’n roll!

The Half Marathon Experience

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1—– Go… Our group was off to the races. Rodney and I started off at a nice pace and everything felt great. The cool part about this race was there was supposed to be a band or music at every mile. The first few miles were awesome. Great music… Positive energy. Our pace was kickin! Tons and tons of fans lined the street cheering us on. Rams fans, Packers fans (they were in town), SLU students, cheerleaders, parents, spouses and more! Some entertaining signs to read. All was good.

In the back of my mind I was just waiting for that “tweak” in the knee. I had done a lot of pain reduction activities prior to the race so I think it held off. Got through 3 miles. Made it through 4. Still going well. Then I felt it. Crap! The knee starting hurting a bit. I told Rodney not to wait for me as I would need to slow down if I planned on making it. So we started to split a bit. I would fall back, then catch back up with him… Probably through 6-7 miles I was right there with him and my pace was still good.

Then I really started to hit the wall and slowed down the pace. My only goal from the beginning was to FINISH THE RACE WITHOUT WALKING! I did not care about my “time”. So I slowed down and kept plugging away. 8 miles, 9 miles… By this point I was basically dragging this leg. It hurt more than anything ever. Well, maybe not as much as the deep thigh bruise I experienced last year. But close :)

So – I walked. MISSION FAILED. Well, I guess at this point my mission CHANGED. I couldn’t stop (I’m in the middle of St. Louis). So I walk / ran the rest of the way. Now the goal just became to get across the finish line without dying. 10, 11, 12 miles… I looked like a cripple out there when I tried to run. It would barely bend. By this point, my right leg was starting to cramp as I was putting so much extra pressure on it. Wonderful!

13.1 miles couldn’t come soon enough. I started up hobbling in time to cross the finish line. Done! I finished the race, despite having to walk :( Final time was 2:20… TWO HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES OF FREAKIN RUNNING! Now the question was – did I do permanant leg damage?!

Post Race

So I finished! Once finished, we were bombarded with free “stuff”. Water, power drinks, bananas, fruit, energy bars and best of all – OUR MEDAL! I grabbed just about everything I could and hobbled out of the way. I hurt terribly! Finally caught up with my brother (who finished in 2:08) and we exchanged some congrats. We walked around the event for awhile. There were bands playing, beer tent had some free beer giveaways going to runners, and lots of people exhausted from the race. Rodney and Carlye had to leave right away to head to the Rams/Packers game – but I hung around and just took it all in for awhile.

Then – I drove home. Drove to STL at 2:15 AM… Back on the road by 11:00 AM! Crazy day for me. So lets talk a little bit about how sore I was. I was sore from my head to feet. My toes, my feet, my calves, my KNEE, my back, my shoulders, my kneck, my head… Everything! SORE! For days. I could barely get out of bed the next day and I felt like my body was 105 years old. SAD BUT TRUE!

Congrats to Friends

Before I conclude this “marathon” length post I wanted to give a shout out to my friends that ran this race as wel.

  • Rodney (my bro): Finished in 2:08 which was right about what our secret goal time was!
  • Christy (neighbor): Didn’t see her but she did awesome I heard.
  • Angelia (friend): First half marathon ever – she finished and did great!
  • Jenni (friend): Didn’t see her but heard she did great!
  • Kristi (friend): Has ran several and finished alongside a friend. Good job!
  • Brandi (friend): Runs all the time and finished in the 1:54 range. WOW!

If I missed other friends – I’m sorry!

Going Forward

So the big question. Will I ever run in a half marathon again? NO. Will I ever run again? YES. I plan to keep my runs to 3-4-5 (max) miles long. My body just is not meant to run that far. It was not fun the way my knee felt. So maybe I’ll start running in some 5K runs? I’m also considering jumping on board with biking. Everyone says that is way better on your knees and legs as you get older. Maybe some random type endurance races? I’m not sure. But I plan on keeping in shape but most likely not by running insane distances!

Some Extra Links

  • Check out my facebook for a full set of 1/2 Marathon Pictures I gathered.
  • Official Race Results
  • Pictures: Rodney and I, my bib, friends, Marathon logo

Drew’s 2012 JFL Awards Banquet

Last night was the 2012 JFL Awards banquet. Drew and his “squirt red” team all gathered together with the rest of the Morton tackle football teams for a fun awards night. This was our first one of these (being this is Drew’s first year of tackle). It was a lot of fun. The team really seemed to enjoy it and each of them got a small trophy. At that age – trophy’s still rock! Here are a couple pictures from the event.

Sarah Opened Up an “Arts” Academy in Morton, IL

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything on my personal blog. But todays the day :) Today I wanted to talk about my wifes new business – Inspired Arts Academy.

Sarah opened up a new business here in our hometown, Morton Illinois, earlier this year (2012). Inspired Arts offers dance classes, art classes, theatre classes, music classes, spanish, after school clubs, themed birthday parties and more. These programs are for PreK to 8th grade students. It’s been quite the challenge and adventure to say the least.

So we bought a place right downtown Morton that couldn’t be more perfect. Great location. Great space. Good “curb appeal”. A little pricey – but whats new right? We did some mass renovations on the place, put in some walls, painted, put in dance floor and mirrors, and so on… It’s lookin good!

She has now had 2-3 sessions and the response has been great. I think she is up to 250+ total clients between the sessions. I couldn’t imagine it growing this fast but it has. She does a great job running the business and teaching the dance classes. She has a few teachers helping with art and theatre but the rest is her.

So what has been my role? Of course – the IAA website is mine to deal with :) And a lot of the financial things. I guess I call myself the unpaid web and business guy. What a glorious job. But all in all, it’s good. Once things settle down and she can enjoy life again – things will be a little better. But we all know how hard new businesses are in the first year or so. Very hard! IE. Getaway Games debacle…

Hopefully I’ll start blogging on a more regular basis. Lots has changed. I took a new job in Morton Logistics as a black belt (NOT karate). A post about that is in the plans. Drew is in the middle of his first tackle football season. Heat basketball around the corner. We are thinking about converting to ITV3… Bryce is in pre-school! The Cardinals are back in the playoffs hoping for 12 in 12! And so on…

Happy 7th Birthday to My Baby Girl Alyssa

My beautiful daughter, Alyssa, is 7 years old today. Wow how time flies. Lis is an absolute joy and such a great daughter, sister and friend. Speaking of “friend” – this girl absolutely loves hanging out with her little friends. Rylee, Emily, and on and on. Not a day goes by without this little social butterfly asking, “Can Rylee come and play?” What about hanging with your dad and mom for a night?! Haha. She just smiles.

So Alyssa enters 2nd grade this year at Grundy in Morton. She’s getting so big and does many things well. The one thing I haven’t gotten her into yet is sports. This year I plan to try that as she has shown definite interest in some things. She hits a softball very well and has some athleticism in her. Now if her mom can get over the fact that she may not be a dance / cheerleader type :) Who knows?

Happy Birthday Alyssa – LOVE YOU!

Finally Upgraded My Android Phone

I finally upgraded my old HTC Incredible android phone. This was my first smartphone and did me well for nearly 3 years. But… There were some definite problems with this phone. Battery life was horrible. Memory continued to go low when using Facebook and Gmail. And so on. Soo… The big question – iphone or another Android?

I couldn’t go iPhone. I don’t quite know why. I’m just a Google guy. I like how much more flexible they are and how much more you can do with the phones. An iPhone is simply an iPhone. Anyways – that is another story for another day I guess.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is what I ended up buying. It’s the latest and greatest Android phone. I’ll have more details about this in a later post I’m sure. But for now, I’m spending my time configuring it, adding new apps, and playing with the fun new features. The biggest difference I’ve noticed so far is it’s much larger of a screen. I like that – but it’s different getting used to. Again, I’ll post my experiences with this phone often I’m sure.

Other Knup Thoughts

  • Should I bet on football this year? Of course I should – but where?
  • The Olympic gymnastic rule that kept Jordyn Wieber out of the all around finals is a JOKE!
  • Today is the MLB trade deadline, curious what moves will be made.
  • I’m on a new Daily Fantasy Sports Kick, you can follow my progress at Betting Blogger.
  • Sarah has a big “Lion King / Chalk the Block” event in downtown Morton this Friday for Inspired Arts. Bad news is I’m going to miss my grandpas 90th birthday party.
  • I’m in charge of the Morton Heat website and facebook. More on this later.
  • I was not forced to upgrade my Verizon plan to shared plan. But I did. I actually saved nearly $10 a month by doing this. We just can’t use over 4 GB of data in a month. Should be no prob.