Reasons I Like Living in Florida Over Living in Illinois

I have lived in Central Illinois my entire life. Was born and raised in Manito, Illinois then went off to college up north in Elmhurst, IL. After I got married, we moved back to Manito and spent a few years there. Then we lived in Pekin, IL and finally Morton, Illinois.

So Illinois is all that I have known. Until late 2015 when we decided to pack up and move to Orlando, Florida. What a change and adventure that has been — already!

But obviously, the #1 question I get all the time from family and friends is, “What do you like about Florida better?” So I have put together a list of reason why Florida is better than Illinois (keep in mind — these are all opinions of mine — not fact).

  1. sunny-florida-weatherThe Weather – the clear #1 answer and winner is the weather. The weather in Orlando, Florida is heads and shoulders better than the weather in Illinois. But Knup — you haven’t experienced a Florida summer yet. I don’t care! Let’s revisit the Illinois weather situation again. October through March it’s just cold and not sunny. December, January and February have the potential to be unbearable. Some days you can’t even feel your face it’s so cold. You can get feet of snow. Then you may have a good month or two in April and May. But typically it rains the entire time during those months. Then June, July and August it’s hot as heck. Nearly Florida hot. September is usually ok. But all in all, you just rarely see the sun for like 6 months out of the year. In Orlando, it’s been nothing but sunny days. The clouds are different here. It’s not gloomy — it’s bright, clear and downright awesome weather in Florida.
  2. Things to Do – the #2 reason is “things to do” in Florida are way more than in Illinois. In Central Illinois, if you want to do something on a weekend, you can either a) go to a movie. b) go out to eat. c) go bowling. ┬áThat’s it. Nothing else! In Orlando, you literally have thousands of things to choose from. Universal Studios, Disney Parks, visit a museum, plus going out to eat and seeing a movie are still here. There are tons of nature trails and swamps and parks to visit. Just a lot of attractions within an hour of us here in Orlando. We have found much more family things to experience living in Florida.
  3. big-cities-floridaMore Big Cities – In Illinois, if we wanted to go on an extended weekend trip we either went to Chicago (3.5 hours) or St. Louis (3 hours). Those were the only places. Here in Orlando, we can visit Tampa (1 hour), Daytona (1 hour), Jacksonville (2 hours), Miami (4 hours) and on and on and on.
  4. Beaches – you don’t get beaches in Illinois. Here in Orlando, we are 45 minutes from Cocoa beach and 1.5 hours from the Gulf beaches. We are just 1 hour from Daytona Beach as well. It’s a plus to just jump in the car and visit the beach for a day. In Illinois, you have to travel 15 hours or so to hit a beach.

So those are the four main things that I enjoy about Florida over Illinois. Obviously, there are things I miss about Illinois too. But that’s not what this blog is about. Maybe I’ll hit that in an upcoming piece. If I think of some other things I love about Florida I’ll be sure to add them to this blog entry. In the meantime, maybe my Illinois friends should consider joining me here in Florida. It’s pretty darn nice!

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