The Great BWW Flood of 2013

Not such a great start to my favorite restaurants 2013.  BWW in East Peoria had a pipe break or something the other day.  Check out the water damage and disaster in this video.  It’s like it’s raining in BWW!  Hope they get it fixed soon cause I’m hungry for some Asian Zing!

Everyone Is So Giving When Talking About Winning The Lottery!

How many times have you heard it? “If I win the lottery, I’ll definitely give you $xx,xxx amount of money!” This was everywhere I went this morning and just made me chuckle. The Powerball is up to a record high $500,000,000 – yes – that is 500 MILLION DOLLARS. So everyone and their mother is jumping on board and buying these lotto tickets. Everyone has those false hopes that this could be their day to shine. I was at the gas station this morning getting my usual diet pepsi and a guy in front of me was clearly buying lotto tickets. As he was done he told the cashier, “If I win, I’ll give you $10,000.” What a nice gesture. The cashier looked pumped and wanted him to give her his name, etc… Just so happened that he owned a small apartment complex in the area and this cashiers family rented from him. The guy says, “Tell them if I win – I’ll give them $10,000 as well.” LOL… So how many times did this same guy say this throughout the day? And the real question – when he wins – will he remember?

Asking for Trouble

Deals like this are just asking for trouble. You told me you would give me a million dollars. I was kidding! Now lawyers are involved and all of this. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. These people actually have to win the lottery first which ISNT going to happen. But save yourself the freakin headache and quit telling a hundred people you’ll give them money if you win!

So that’s my random thought of the day. And no – I did not buy a Powerball lottery ticket this morning. I’m still tempted to buy one after work – but I’ll most likely forget.

GOOD LUCK to all of you that did play!

Wait – last thought – how is playing the lottery legal but betting on sports isn’t? Or playing poker isn’t? Poker and sports betting are way more skill games than the freakin lottery. Makes me so mad. Lottery is pure gambling at it’s finest yet we can spend billions on it. But make a simple sports bet or play a home poker game and you are breaking the law. Rant over.

Happy 7th Birthday to My Baby Girl Alyssa

My beautiful daughter, Alyssa, is 7 years old today. Wow how time flies. Lis is an absolute joy and such a great daughter, sister and friend. Speaking of “friend” – this girl absolutely loves hanging out with her little friends. Rylee, Emily, and on and on. Not a day goes by without this little social butterfly asking, “Can Rylee come and play?” What about hanging with your dad and mom for a night?! Haha. She just smiles.

So Alyssa enters 2nd grade this year at Grundy in Morton. She’s getting so big and does many things well. The one thing I haven’t gotten her into yet is sports. This year I plan to try that as she has shown definite interest in some things. She hits a softball very well and has some athleticism in her. Now if her mom can get over the fact that she may not be a dance / cheerleader type 🙂 Who knows?

Happy Birthday Alyssa – LOVE YOU!

Finally Upgraded My Android Phone

I finally upgraded my old HTC Incredible android phone. This was my first smartphone and did me well for nearly 3 years. But… There were some definite problems with this phone. Battery life was horrible. Memory continued to go low when using Facebook and Gmail. And so on. Soo… The big question – iphone or another Android?

I couldn’t go iPhone. I don’t quite know why. I’m just a Google guy. I like how much more flexible they are and how much more you can do with the phones. An iPhone is simply an iPhone. Anyways – that is another story for another day I guess.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is what I ended up buying. It’s the latest and greatest Android phone. I’ll have more details about this in a later post I’m sure. But for now, I’m spending my time configuring it, adding new apps, and playing with the fun new features. The biggest difference I’ve noticed so far is it’s much larger of a screen. I like that – but it’s different getting used to. Again, I’ll post my experiences with this phone often I’m sure.

Other Knup Thoughts

  • Should I bet on football this year? Of course I should – but where?
  • The Olympic gymnastic rule that kept Jordyn Wieber out of the all around finals is a JOKE!
  • Today is the MLB trade deadline, curious what moves will be made.
  • I’m on a new Daily Fantasy Sports Kick, you can follow my progress at Betting Blogger.
  • Sarah has a big “Lion King / Chalk the Block” event in downtown Morton this Friday for Inspired Arts. Bad news is I’m going to miss my grandpas 90th birthday party.
  • I’m in charge of the Morton Heat website and facebook. More on this later.
  • I was not forced to upgrade my Verizon plan to shared plan. But I did. I actually saved nearly $10 a month by doing this. We just can’t use over 4 GB of data in a month. Should be no prob.

I Finally Fixed My HTC Incredible Issue

For those of you that don’t know – I have an HTC Incredible phone. The original one from back 2 years ago. So in phone years – this smartphone is nearly extinct. I’m actually up for an upgrade at the end of December so I’m holding out til that time. But lately – I’ve had some unbearable problems with it that really make it nearly worthless.

Battery Life of the HTC Incredible is Terrible

Ever since the release of this thing, the battery life has been terrible. I would use this phone lightly for 3-4 hours and it would be warning me of low battery needing charged. I have made myself accustomed to plugging it in everywhere I go. I leave it plugged in at work. Plug it in in my car. Charge it at night. Is this really a “mobile” phone? LOL. I also carry an extra HTC Incredible battery around for emergency use or in case, God forbid, I need to go an entire day without charging.

HTC Incredible “low on space” Issue

Over the last couple months I’ve had another annoyance. I have very minimal apps and data storage running on this phone. I would check phone storage and would have 90% free everywhere. No problems right? Lately, the phone would warn me of “low on space” and basically shut off all notifications and updates. How annoying? This made the HTC Incredible nearly useless for Facebook, Gmail, etc… Basically any app that needs notifications and updates. I could still use the browser but that was about it. Very very annoying.

HTC or Google Released a Fix

So I used the trusty old Google to help me find some potential fixes for this last low on space issue. I tried and tried things but this darn message kept coming back. Finally, last night there was word that a new android software build has been available. 4.08 instead of 4.06 or something. In this build they addressed the “low on space” issue. And there was also a rumor that battery life seemed to improve with this build. Really?

The problem now was I could not get my HTC Incredible to download the new software build. Really again? Geez. Yeah I’m sure HTC wants to test all builds before pushing them out. But this one is important. To Google again. Luckily I found some life saving post on a techy forum talking about this specific issue. It mapped out how to clear my factory phone cache, clear up plenty of space, and basically force the install update onto my phone. It worked without a hitch!

So now I have the new build and guess what – it seems to have fixed the low on space issue. It’s only been 12 hours as I write this but that is way better than before. Hopefully it’s gone. The other thing… Battery life seems drastically improved somehow.

Isn’t it ironic that less than a month before I’m ready to get a new phone – they finally fix the big issues with my current phone. I’m happier now with this HTC Incredible than I have been in nearly 2 years. Sadly, I’m sure I’ll be the dumb one to go grab the latest and greatest (Google Nexus) phone when my contract is up in late December. Such is life.

Done With Foursquare – Current Social Networking Landscape

If you use the Internet most likely you are a part of social media in some way or form. Social networks such as Facebook, twitter, google+, Foursquare and more have taken over people’s lives. I want to take a quick look at these different platforms and talk about how I currently use them.

Facebook is still my most used and favorite social network. That is probably due to the fact that tons of my friends and family use it. But facebook is a huge part of my daily lifestyle right now. I follow friends statuses, update my own status, upload pictures, promote my businesses through pages and more. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t stop using Facebook in the near future.

Twitter is a growing trend because of the celebrity embracement. Movie stars, singers, and athletes all use Twitter. Personally I have a very hard time keeping up with Twitter. It moves so freakin fast. I also have twitter accounts for many of my websites so that compounds the problem. I’d say I use twitter a few times a week and that is mainly for marketing purposes.

I am 100% done with Foursquare. I even uninstalled it from my phone the other day. Check ins just seem like a big waste of time to me. In this busy world I’m trying harder and harder to focus on value added things in my life. Plus, my only goal on Foursquare was to be the mayor of Bww. Success. But then soon after someone overtook me despite me checking in several more times. I don’t understand. Done with Foursquare.

An up and coming social network is Google+. With the google brand running this it is sure to catch some users. They added the concept of circles which makes it slightly different than facebook. But it’s probably not enough different for the masses to use it. I have an account and will start using it sparingly.

Ok that is about it for tonight. What social networks do you use and why?

Download Your Entire Facebook History

Did you know you can download your entire Facebook history into a zip file?  This zip file will contain every single thing from your Facebook account.  It has the pictures, videos, links, notes, friends list, status updates, messages and more.  I’ve always wanted to see my entire “Wall” history going back to when I started Facebook.  Now you can.  Plus, if Facebook ever crashes or your account somehow gets screwed up or deleted – now you have a full backup of your account.

Download your Facebook account.

How to Download Your Facebook History

  • Login to Facebook
  • Go to “Account” -> “Account Settings”
  • Click on “learn more” next to the Download section.
  • Read the instructions and go!

It’s very simple to download your Facebook history, wall and pictures.  Not sure there is a huge use for it but I thought it was cool.  And it was something that I didn’t know could be done until today.

Enjoy and feel free to “friend” me at Ryan Knuppel facebook.