One of my passions has become daily fantasy sports (DFS). I keep going back and forth as to where my DFS blogging should go. Well, this site is all about me and my adventures so it’s going here. For those of you that wanna play — hit me up on Twitter @RyanKnuppel and we can chat DFS! FanDuel is the spot — if you sign up using promo code “DRAFTBANK” you can get the best bonus available. I’m always available to “consult” newcomers as well but be sure to use that promo code.

Trust your gut in DFSSo today is going to be a bit of a rant. I’m always one that says, “at the end of the day, stick with your gut” when forming a FanDuel lineup. Well, yesterday was a case that my “gut” cost me a 4 figure payday.

My gut was saying all along that Vogt was going to have a big day. But, 5 minutes until lineup lock the Oakland lineup was still not released. My “process” typically is to NOT take the risk and swap out this player. So I went ahead and made the swap, put IN McCann and Gardner from the Yanks and take out Vogt and Soler. Easy enough.

Well, 30 seconds til lineup lock I just wasn’t at peace with the decision, I decided to stick with my “gut” on Vogt and swapped Vogt/Soler back in. BIG TIME OOOOOOOPS!

Not 20 minutes into the Yankees game both Gardner and McCann hit bombs and had double digit points. At the end of the day that one single move cost me 22 FanDuel points. It was the different between missing the cash line and cashing $1000 in the tourney I had entered.

Let’s just say I was on DFS tilt yesterday for a bit. But, those things happen. Jump back on the horse and get after it again today — right?!?!