The following article on compassion was written by 12 year old Drew Knuppel for his 6th grade class project at Faith Christian Academy. Enjoy!

Compassion is a huge quality being a Christian. Everyone needs to have compassion towards people they meet. The definition of compassion is a feeling of great sympathy for someone else who is going through something hard in their life. So, if someone is ever having a rough day, as a Christian, you should do what Jesus would do and help them in their time of need. You can show compassion through helping others in financial need, by encouraging others who are struggling emotionally, and by helping people with medical problems.

Showing compassion financially is a great way to help others who are going through poverty, or loss of a job. It’s more than giving money away to charity. It means to help people that really need the money for food, water, or shelter in your own way. The next time you see someone that is homeless on the side of the road, maybe see if they need any help or give them some money- even a bag of food would be awesome to give. Take the opportunities God gives you and don’t take them for granted. You can help people with financial issues by doing fundraisers like a lemonade stand or a car wash, if you don’t have the money right out of your pocket. Another way is to pray for it through Jesus. Praying to Jesus for someone else in need is showing compassion also. He will somehow find a way to help get the money to whoever needs it.

People who struggle emotionally need encouragement. This would be a great way to show compassion. If someone is having a rough day at school, and they are maybe being bullied, you could offer to help them and talk to whoever the bully is. You could also offer to pray with them, and maybe that would cheer them up. Another situation would be if someone has had a loved one pass away lately. You could offer to cook dinner for them and then maybe give them a “We’re sorry for your loss card.” Also, if someone has been persevering through something, you can give them encouragement with helpful suggestions and prayer. Emotional struggles can be helped with compassion from others.

People who are terminally ill can really feel special when people show compassion towards them. For example, if a person has lost any of their body parts in a tragedy, you could offer to help raise money towards buying them a mechanical body part of some kind to help them recover. Another would be trying to take part in any opportunities you have to help the cure of cancer. You could start by participating in a St. Jude event. Cancer is a big issue in our world today, and showing compassion to that cause would be terrific. People that have been hospitalized for a while definitely need encouragement. Maybe after school once in awhile you could visit the young hospital patients and give them “Get well” cards, and pray for them. Jesus will take care of them, and you have to make sure the patients know that. Encourage them that they should live each day as if it is their last if it is a life-threatening case.

Being compassionate, isn’t all about giving money and things to people. It’s more! It’s sometimes the little things that give the most compassion to one another. Just a pat on the back or even a “You got this” to whoever needs it is the best way to show compassion. As a Christian, I know that Jesus would give compassion to everyone, and therefore that’s what we should do.