Cardinals NLCS Run, #STLCards and Kid Problem?

4 NLCS Trips in 4 Years

I promise the Cardinals won’t be the only thing I talk about on this blog — but for now it’s what is heavily on my mind! Last night the Cardinals clinched a spot in the NLCS for the 4th time in 4 years. That’s right. 2011, 2012, 2013 and now 2014. Talk about spoiled huh Cardinal fans?  Here is the full history of Cardinal postseason baseball and below is the last 3 years.

  • 2013 — Beat Pirates for NLDS, Beat Dodgers for NLCS and Lost to Red Sox in WS
  • 2012 — Beat Nationals for NLDS, Lost to Giants for NLCS
  • 2011 — Beat Phillies for NLDS, Beat Brewers for NLCS, Beat Rangers for World Series

#STLCards Twitter Explosion

So as some of you know I’ve long been a hater of Twitter. I’ve tried giving it a chance time and time again but just can’t keep up with it or get into it. October Cardinal baseball is one time I really enjoy being on Twitter (Follow me @RyanKnuppel).

Talk about a massive explosion of TWEETS. I follow the hashtag #STLCards and it just blows up during October baseball games. When Wong hit that HR in Game 3. WHOA! Then when Adams hit the game winner in Game 4 — TWITTER Exploded! So fun and nearly impossible to keep up with. But definitely some creative Tweets.

Young talent for the Cardinals

PI-MLB-Cardinals-Matt-Adams-Kolten-Wong-Oscar-Taveras-071014So I want to talk real quickly about the “young talent” on this Cardinals team. Being in Central Illinois there are many Cub fans around. And all we have been hearing in 2014 is, “look at our young talent, Cubs are going to be good soon.” Baez, Bryant, Castro, Soler and more. Maybe some good players.

But let’s talk about these Cardinal players. These young Redbird players who are getting valuable POSTSEASON experience while the Cubbie guys are workin on their golf game. Wong is a legit 5 tool player. I’m real excited for his future with the Cardinals. Matt Adams shows he has some power and some “clutchness” to him. Matt Carpenter is a youngster who is now a legit All-Star. Add in our pitching staff with Wacha, Miller, Martinez… And some raw players such as Taveras.

I’ll take this group of Cardinal youngsters up against the Cubs youngsters anyday!

Cardinal Baseball Fills My Calendar

So it’s no secret I love October baseball. But good lord. It FILLS MY SCHEDULE. I’m a planner. And I can’t miss a Cardinals playoff game. So the minute the times come out for the next series — they are on the family calendar.

For instance, last night I booked Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday for Cardinal baseball. Sorry honey — won’t be seeing much of me this week! Then, if they win the NLCS it’s World Series time. Another week or 2 of Cardinal baseball filling up the schedule!

Cardinal Baseball Empties My Bank Account

While it fills UP my calendar it puts a major DENT in my bank account! If they make the World Series — I’m going and I’m likely taking (one or two) of my boys. We’re talking $150 a ticket most likely plus the travel to STL and the hotel room.

I also bought NLCS Game 6 and Game 7 tickets. I can’t help myself. I’ll definitely be able to sell these if I don’t want to use them. But who are we kidding. If Game 6 and/or Game 7 happen they are IN St. Louis on a WEEKEND! Consider me THERE!

So there is another trip to STL. Another hotel room. More tickets. Food, drinks and of course the Cardinals postseason gear.

Whew, I’m going to need another job if the Cardinals keep winning in October. That’s ok, YOLO right! It’s what I enjoy so I’m going to enjoy it!

Kid Problem?

ws-drew-ryanSo I mentioned above that I may take one or two of my boys to the NLCS game. I’ve always made it a point to take my first born boy, Drew, to about everything Cardinals. He enjoyed his first playoff/World Series experience when he was 3 during the 2006 run. He then got to really experience and remembers the 2011 World Series Game 1 game we went to. He’s very much in love with the Cardinals and know about everything about them. This is NOT by chance 🙂

Now I have Bryce. Who is now 6. I have kind of been leaving him out for some reason or another. Mainly because it’s inconvenient bringing a 6 year old and my oldest and I have a blast “without Bryce”. But is this fair to the little guy? Why doesn’t he deserve the same CARDINAL TREATMENT to learn the “Cardinal Way”?

I’m feeling a little guilty about this as I didn’t bring him at all through the 2011 run (he was 4). But I think being 6 now he deserves it. It’s going to cost some more money but once he gets a chance to see the “Sea of Red” and how Cardinal Nation reacts to playoff baseball — he’ll be hooked!

Wish me luck with an 11 and 6 year old at the NLCS this year (pending we need to go to a Game 6).

Cardinals Win Game 1 of 2014 NLDS

Wow, what a game. The Cardinals just knocked of the Dodgers as big underdogs in Game 1 of the 2014 NLDS. Unreal. As a small bonus I bet on the Cardinals as well 🙂

So most of you know I’m a Cardinals fan! A huge Cardinals fan. It’s amazing how “amazing” these last 10 years have been as a fan of the #STLCARDS… I’ve grown to absolutely love October because of Playoff baseball. It’s unreal how fun it is.

But somehow it’s minimized my love for the regular season. Yada yada, another 162 games leading into another AWESOME MONTH OF BASEBALL. I’ve been spoiled. The Cardinals are there each and every single year. I barely follow the regular season but once October hits, I bleed Red!

1028_series-624x384My Twitter is blowing up. My Facebook feed is blowing up. My heart is racing to get the final 3 outs. I can’t sleep. I love Cardinal playoff baseball. Drew, my oldest son who is 11, loves them as well. Imagine his life?

  • 2014 they are up 1-0 in the NLDS
  • 2013 they made Game 6 of the NLCS
  • 2012 they made Game 5 of the NLDS
  • 2011 they win the World Series

Oh and they won the World Series in 2006.

I mean these are all very impressionable years of this boys life. All he knows is CARDINALS WIN! So glad I’m not raising a Cub fan! lol sorry for the jab Cub fans.

My last thought of the night before I try to go to bed is in regards to Yadi Molina. In one of the middle innings tonight Adam Wainwright hit Yasiel Puig with a high pitch. Was it intentional? Who knows! But the next batter Adrian Gonzalez thought so and had some words. Yadi was having NONE OF IT. He stepped right in and got it Adrian’s face. I GOT YOUR BACK WAINO!

Yadi is the ultimate team player and competitor. He has his teammates back and they know it. After the game Adam Wainwright said he was never prouder to be a Cardinal! That’s awesome to hear. I guess I’m pretty proud to be a Cardinal fan as well.


Needless to say, it’s going to be another October of late nights and Cardinal baseball! Can’t wait to get to Ballpark Village to watch a game — or better yet — get to another World Series game!


October 2014 Personal Goals for Knup

One thing I feel is very important in all facets of life, personal life, business life, etc. is setting goals. I set goals every day and now I’d like to get in the habit of posting these goals on my site.

It’s one thing to have goals, it’s another to follow through on them. My goal posts will include a bit about how I did and what I want to do in terms of goals going forward.

These will only be personal goals. For my internet marketing goals you’ll have to visit at some point!

GOALSSeptember 2014 Goal Completion

Since this is the first goal post on this site, I have no “results” per say. But some goals I had over the past few months involved running and eating healthy. I ran over 300 miles during the summer  months. Whatever my goals were, I sailed past them. I also did the burpee challenge where I did 30 burpees for 30 straight days!  I had a goal to eliminate soda from my diet over the summer and I successfully did that.  Let’s just say my “weight” loved all of these goals!

Now, I’ve been struggling on these goals in September. So October it’s time to get back to it.

October 2014 Personal Goals


  • Run 50+ miles in October
  • Do 30 burpees every day of October
  • Do 30 pushups every morning of October
  • Do 30 situps every morning of October
  • 2 of 5 days a week go to Gold’s at lunch and eat a Power Bar instead of Fast Food


  • Go to a Cardinals 2014 Playoff game


  • Sell our house to down size and “simplify life”

Long Term Goals


  • Run a a Spartan Race in 2015
  • Finish the Tremont Tri (2015)
  • Bike a “Century” in 2015


  • Visit New York with Sarah
  • Visit Miami with Sarah
  • Bring Sarah to Hawaii
  • Bring boys nto Milwaukee baseball game vs. Cardinals
  • Bring kids to all inclusive family vacation in Mexico


  • Play in the World Series of Poker MAIN EVENT


  • Eliminate all Credit Card debt
  • Pay off Escape debt
  • Pay off mortgage

Been 10 Months But I’m Back to Blogging

imagesI’m back! Back to what? Back to blogging. I’m amazed when I look at the archives of this blog ( and see that I started back in May 2004. That’s over 10 years! That being said I haven’t been super consistent over those 10 years. I have yet to miss a year but have had several months slip through the cracks.

Regardless, I’ve set a few goals and hope to keep this site up to date again. So what is this site for? It’s just my personal ramblings about parenting, coaching, Cardinals baseball, youth sports, health and more. I’ll give family updates here and let you all inside my brain a bit. Scary huh?

Goals to Write — Often

One of my goals is to write 1000 words of content each and every day for my sites. That’s 1000 x 30 or nearly 30,000 words of content each month. Most of you are like, that’s DUMB! Well maybe it is. But in the web world content is king and I hope to start driving more and more traffic to my websites.

I won’t use to talk about my small business / internet marketing efforts. That’s where comes into play. Yes, another site. So this is my personal site… That’s my internet marketing site.

Family Happenings

I have a few large posts planned for this site over the next week. I definitely need to do a fall baseball recap. Drew has been playing on a 11u team out of Metamora (Metamora Raptors) and we’ve had a great time. Been to 4 (5 after this coming weekend) tournaments and had some success as well. After next weekends tournament I’ll post a full season recap for all of you. He also played Second Season baseball with a Morton 11/12 year old team. Will touch on how that season went as well.

Alyssa is still taking Tennis lessons. I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts on that. She’s also busy taking guitar lessons, dance and gymnastics at IAA.

Bryce started flag football this year and is loving it. 3 touchdowns in two games so far so he thinks he’s big stuff. lol…

Drew’s Morton Heat season is just around the corner and I really hope to blog about my coaching philosophies and stories. I always have random things in my head and I need to use this platform to get them out of my head 🙂

Ok, enough for today. Basically this is a simple, “I’m back” post. If you want, save this in your RSS feeds to get the updates. I’m not managing an email list on this site but will post my updates on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, I’m still trying Twitter. That’s another post for another day as well.

Michael Jordan & Ryan Knuppel Pickup Game Video

Check out this awesome one of a kind video of Michael Jordan playing some pickup basketball back in his “prime”. I was actually at this event. It was during his bsaketball camp that he held at Elmhurst College. Actually I was playing in this game. Can anyone find me? I’m the one getting nearly YAMMMMIED on by Shawn Marion.

The Great BWW Flood of 2013

Not such a great start to my favorite restaurants 2013.  BWW in East Peoria had a pipe break or something the other day.  Check out the water damage and disaster in this video.  It’s like it’s raining in BWW!  Hope they get it fixed soon cause I’m hungry for some Asian Zing!

Everyone Is So Giving When Talking About Winning The Lottery!

How many times have you heard it? “If I win the lottery, I’ll definitely give you $xx,xxx amount of money!” This was everywhere I went this morning and just made me chuckle. The Powerball is up to a record high $500,000,000 – yes – that is 500 MILLION DOLLARS. So everyone and their mother is jumping on board and buying these lotto tickets. Everyone has those false hopes that this could be their day to shine. I was at the gas station this morning getting my usual diet pepsi and a guy in front of me was clearly buying lotto tickets. As he was done he told the cashier, “If I win, I’ll give you $10,000.” What a nice gesture. The cashier looked pumped and wanted him to give her his name, etc… Just so happened that he owned a small apartment complex in the area and this cashiers family rented from him. The guy says, “Tell them if I win – I’ll give them $10,000 as well.” LOL… So how many times did this same guy say this throughout the day? And the real question – when he wins – will he remember?

Asking for Trouble

Deals like this are just asking for trouble. You told me you would give me a million dollars. I was kidding! Now lawyers are involved and all of this. Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. These people actually have to win the lottery first which ISNT going to happen. But save yourself the freakin headache and quit telling a hundred people you’ll give them money if you win!

So that’s my random thought of the day. And no – I did not buy a Powerball lottery ticket this morning. I’m still tempted to buy one after work – but I’ll most likely forget.

GOOD LUCK to all of you that did play!

Wait – last thought – how is playing the lottery legal but betting on sports isn’t? Or playing poker isn’t? Poker and sports betting are way more skill games than the freakin lottery. Makes me so mad. Lottery is pure gambling at it’s finest yet we can spend billions on it. But make a simple sports bet or play a home poker game and you are breaking the law. Rant over.

This Could Be Your JFL Kid Next Year?

Most of you know that I am already leary of my kids playing Youth JFL football. Just seems like a concussion or injury waiting to happen. Watch this massive running back just TRUCK this smaller defender! This can’t be good for the kids brain waves!

Luckily in the Morton JFL league you can’t run the ball if you are “that big”. But it must be happening somewhere.

2012-13 Morton Basketball Schedules

I’m sick and tired of not being able to find these schedules.  It’s like torture going through whatever system Morton HS is using to find the schedule I want.  So, below are the 2012-13 Morton Varsity Boys, 2012-13 Morton Varsity Girls and 2012-13 Morton Freshman Girls basketball schedules:

Obviously I won’t be editing this if things change.  So if you really want to verify Morton high school keeps their sports schedules here.
Update – you can also watch Morton games or listen in here.