Can I vent for a minute? I don’t typically complain or talk about anything “bad” that happens in my life but today I just thought I’d do a quick morning post to get a few things out of my mind 🙂 Let’s just say it hasn’t been the best Friday start I’ve had!

Home Routine Messed Up

My alarm just kept going and going and going this morning. I couldn’t get up! Snoozed a couple times but just didn’t feel like rolling out of bed. Ever have those days? I DON’T ever have those days which is why it sucks when I do.

Funny thing that just shows it’s going to be “one of those days”. I come down the stairs with my socks in a ball still. Think I’ll be Mr. Funny Guy and throw them at Bryce as he’s eating breakfast. Stupid me. I miss him and they roll into the sink which is loaded with nasty dish water. Upstairs for a new pair of socks for me. LOL.

So get back downstairs and my lovely wife has a list of about 10 things for me “to do” that I just don’t feel like dealing with this morning. You know how that goes right? For some reason instead of my patient answer I just don’t want to hear it. So that goes badly and puts me, her and the kids in an instant bad mood. Strike 2 at home before I even leave the door.

Weight Not Good

Back in March when I decided to “eat better” and exercise it wasn’t to lose weight. It was just to simply feel better and live healthier. Well, I’ve been slipping up the last month. Back drinking soda. Eating out for lunch more often. Ice cream at night. You know, the old routines.

Well, this is showing in my weight. I lost 35 pounds from April to September which was an awesome feeling. But in the last month I’ve given BACK 10 pounds. Not good. Made me feel like crap this morning! Need to get a great run in today and hopefully eat better. Ugh. Anyways, more great news on this Friday.

cause-of-flat-tire-21319963Tire Flat — REALLY?

So at this point I’m already pissed off and it’s not even 7:45. Time to leave for work. Get in my Escape and take off. What do you know? Rattles and loud noices. HUH? Pull over and sure enough, my passenger rear tire is flat as paper. I’m not talking just a little “low tire pressure”. COMPLETELY FLATTENED!

How did this happen? I instantly want to blame! The wife took the car here or there… Whatever, I resist from the blame game and decide to just get it fixed. Being 2 miles from the shop I decide to drive on the rims (oops) for that short amount instead of putting on the spare. Hopefully doesn’t end up costing me but may.

Get to Ford and luckily they can get me in today. Now I’m walking to work (ok it’s only like 1 mile) from Ford. But now I’m carless at work on a Friday which makes me angry in itself. LOL.

So there you have it. I roll into work at 8 oclock and already have an hour of BADNESS on my slate for today. Let’s hope the rest of the day goes better! I already feel better venting on this blog. Now time to get some work done 🙂