So back in October of 2014 I wrote up a pretty detailed goals post and had a “goal” to continue that monthly. Well, GOAL FAILED. This is only the second goal post in my series but I hope to get this rolling monthly now.

goalsWhy now? Health! Without goals I just let myself go. I don’t eat right. I don’t exercise right. And I overall just don’t feel as well. I love checking goals off of a list so blogging them is one way to track them.

Some ask me, “why do you want these to be public?”  My answer — why not? Public can sometimes keep a person more accountable right? So if you want to know my personal goals well continue reading — if not, don’t 🙂

Again, these are only personal goals and not business related goals. I’ll shoot to track these over at in the near future.

2014 “To Date” Goal Completion

Last spring and summer I was really motivated. To date in 2015 I did NOTHING good in January or February. I did start my workouts earlier as I logged 57 running miles in March, 49 in April and so far 38 in May. That is compared to 5.5, 60 and 86.81 last year.

As far as weight goes. I’m over where I was at this point last year. One thing to point to. SODA AND FOOD CONSUMPTION! I have to get back to my disciplined self. More to come on that.

I’ve checked off a couple travel and life goals. I made a DFS final live event! BOOOOOOM! Took Sarah to California on vacation. We sold our house (to simplify and downsize) which was a major life goal.

May 2015 Personal Goals


  • Run 60+ miles in May
  • Do 30 burpees every day for the last 10 days of May (when I wrote these goals)
  • Do 20 pushups every day for the last 10 days of May (when I wrote these goals)
  • Do 20 situps every day for the last 10 days of May (when I wrote these goals)
  • Drink NO more soda over the last 10 days of May
  • Make better choices eating (less fast food and more fruits and vegetables)
  • Get weight down from 217 to 210 by June 1st


  • None in May


  • Set up a strict budget for June

Long Term Goals


  • Run 80+ miles in June
  • Run 100+ miles in July
  • Run a Spartan Race in 2015
  • Run a half marathon in 2015
  • Bike a “Century” in 2015
  • Lower weight to 200 by July 1st


  • Visit (Texas Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, etc) with the family
  • Visit New York with Sarah
  • Visit Miami with Sarah
  • Bring Sarah to Hawaii
  • Bring boys to Milwaukee baseball game vs. Cardinals
  • Bring kids to all inclusive family vacation in Mexico
  • Bring boys to St. Louis to see Cardinals game that includes batting practice


  • Attend a second DFS Live Final
  • Play in the World Series of Poker MAIN EVENT


  • Eliminate all Credit Card debt
  • Pay off Escape debt
  • Pay off mortgage