The new baby effect

So we’ve always heard that going from kid number 1 to kid number 2 is the toughest.  Going from kid number 2 to kid number 3 is supposed to be a “walk in the park”.  Not so much the case here.  When Alyssa was born we had a pretty easy time with the adjustment.  Now, with Bryce here, it seems as though things are a little tougher for many reasons.

1) We are outnumbered. Going anywhere is a chore and a half trying to keep kids rounded up.

2) Someone is always in need of something.  Just ask Sarah!

3) Our 3 year old daughter has really started “Acting up” since Bryce was born.  She loves the baby and acts nice towards him.  She doesn’t really publicly state that she is upset, but she wants ATTENTION!  She has drastically changed into a needy/whiney girl over the past 4 weeks and the new baby is the root cause I’m sure.  Hopefully, with time this will wear off.  We try to give her the proper attention but she wants it all the time.

That’s about all the reasons for today.  Anyone else have opinions?  Tougher going from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3?

Number 3 in the works

As most of you have already heard.    We are pretty early in the game right now but our early projected due date is June 23rd.  That will give us a June, July and August birthday! Fun summers! We are mixed on if we want a boy or a girl. Alyssa is a little Diva right now so we are learning toward boy. But those girls are so darn cute  🙂  We really don’t care as long as he/she is healthy!  So now the fun discussions of names and everything begins.  Yippeee… Any suggestions on names?

Sarah has been feeling it this time around.  She has been nautious more than the last two. Hopefully there aren’t twins! Actually that would be cool – but doubtful. Well, I will keep everyone informed of progress and be sure to include some sono pictures as we go through.