Cardinals Win Game 1 of 2014 NLDS

Wow, what a game. The Cardinals just knocked of the Dodgers as big underdogs in Game 1 of the 2014 NLDS. Unreal. As a small bonus I bet on the Cardinals as well ūüôā

So most of you know I’m a Cardinals fan! A huge Cardinals fan. It’s amazing how “amazing” these last 10 years have been as a fan of the #STLCARDS… I’ve grown to absolutely love October because of Playoff baseball. It’s unreal how fun it is.

But somehow it’s minimized my love for the regular season. Yada yada, another 162 games leading into another AWESOME MONTH OF BASEBALL. I’ve been spoiled. The Cardinals are there each and every single year. I barely follow the regular season but once October hits, I bleed Red!

1028_series-624x384My Twitter is blowing up. My Facebook feed is blowing up. My heart is racing to get the final 3 outs. I can’t sleep. I love Cardinal playoff baseball. Drew, my oldest son who is 11, loves them as well. Imagine his life?

  • 2014 they are up 1-0 in the NLDS
  • 2013 they made Game 6 of the NLCS
  • 2012 they made Game 5 of the NLDS
  • 2011 they win the World Series

Oh and they won the World Series in 2006.

I mean these are all very impressionable years of this boys life. All he knows is CARDINALS WIN! So glad I’m not raising a Cub fan! lol sorry for the jab Cub fans.

My last thought of the night before I try to go to bed is in regards to Yadi Molina. In one of the middle innings tonight Adam Wainwright hit Yasiel Puig with a high pitch. Was it intentional? Who knows! But the next batter Adrian Gonzalez thought so and had some words. Yadi was having NONE OF IT. He stepped right in and got it Adrian’s face. I GOT YOUR BACK WAINO!

Yadi is the ultimate team player and competitor. He has his teammates back and they know it. After the game Adam Wainwright said he was never prouder to be a Cardinal! That’s awesome to hear. I guess I’m pretty proud to be a Cardinal fan as well.


Needless to say, it’s going to be another October of late nights and Cardinal baseball! Can’t wait to get to Ballpark Village to watch a game — or better yet — get to another World Series game!


Dodgers @ Reds – Game 2 – MYBA 2011

We had our second game of the “coach pitch” season the other day. ¬†It went well and was absolutely perfect weather out there. ¬†I’m going to start doing a quick post on all of our games – just for fun.

Our Team

We played a great game. ¬†Better than the first game which is encouraging. ¬†The kids are really hitting the ball well. ¬†Myself and the other 3 coaches really seem to focus on encouraging and helping the kids. ¬†I really think encouragement is huge at this age. ¬†They are 7-8 years old and just need to hear “good job” sometimes. ¬†So we really focus on doing that. ¬†I think we “won” the game 24-11 or something like that.

Drew’s Game

Drew did well.  He hit the ball each time but nothing really to the outfield.  He played a great 1B.  I was proud of him.  Scooped one out of the dirt and caught another one.  Overall a good game for the Drew-man!

Next Game

Friday, 7:00 PM CST – Against the Cubs

p.s. – Make sure you “like” the MYBA Facebook Page!

Dodgers Baseball Has Begun for Drew and I

Last night was the first game of the 2011 season for Drew’s “Dodgers” team in the MYBA (Morton Youth Baseball Association). ¬†This year is coach pitch which is exciting for both myself and Drew. ¬†Yes, I’m coaching the Dodgers as well. ¬†I have some awesome coaches working along with me as well. ¬†So last night we played the Yankees. ¬†I was definitely nervous myself, as I had never been involved in a coach pitch game at the “Maverick” level. ¬†The other team’s coaches were very helpful and made the game a breeze. ¬†I was also nervous because I had to pitch to these kids. ¬†Most of our Dodger team have never played coach pitch before. ¬†They are a great group of kids but I didn’t know how they would respond.

Let me say – they did GREAT. ¬†These kids seemed like they have been playing coach pitch for years. ¬†They knew when and where to run, they knew where to throw the ball, they were respectful and listened to our coaches. ¬†All in all and great first game. ¬†The games last 1:30 or 6 innings. ¬†We played from 7:00 to 8:30 which is a long time for these kids. ¬†We have 14 games throughout the summer. ¬†This week we play M-W-F and next week we play Tu-Th-Sat… So you get the idea – it’s going to be a LONG SUMMER!

Drew did great. ¬†I was proud of him. ¬†He hit the ball well and played the field well. ¬†I give him a hard time because he didn’t catch the liner back up the middle. ¬†But I guess I really didn’t expect him to catch it (just hoped he did). ¬†Most of all, Drew and all of the kids seemed to have a great time. ¬†They enjoyed it and were smiles the whole night. ¬†I truly can’t wait for our game on Wednesday.

If you are in Morton and want to watch some kids playing a game they love. ¬†5:30 on field 3 on Wednesday!!! Dodgers vs. Reds ¬†ūüôā

p.s. – We aren’t supposed to keep “score” but you know me. ¬†What’s a game without a score, right? ¬†Haha. ¬†So don’t tell the kids but we lost to the Yankees 29-21 in our opener.