Lakers win the 2010 championship

Two days in a row of me blogging. What is going on? Don’t call it a streak 🙂

Time for a new mower

First of all I want to talk about my darn mower. It is now working correctly. This was a hand me down mower given to us when we moved from Pekin to Morton. We used to own a Craftsman riding lawn mower, but when we moved to Morton, our new yard didn’t warrant the rider anymore. So we sold this mower and Sarah’s dad gave us this extra mower that belonged to her mom (Sarah’s Grandma). Anyways, thats the mower we’ve used for a couple years since moving in. Fairly decent but used mower. So lately, I’ll mow until it runs out of gas. Then fill it with gas, fire it back up, and it’s good to go. BUT, if I dare wait 5 minutes in between filling it up and starting it back up – the mower doesn’t start. Doesn’t even want to attempt to start. Almost like it’s overheated or something. The last couple times I’ve waited 2-3 hours, tried it again, and it worked. But flaky! What’s going on mower people?

So this got me thinking it might be time for a new mower. Wednesday, I borrowed my neighbor Craig’s mower (thanks Craig) and it was AWESOME. A great mowing experience. So I’m thinking for Father’s Day, I need a new mower. What kind? Where from? Any features I have to have? Time to start shopping.

Lakers World Champs

The Los Angeles Lakers successfully went back two back last night and won the 2010 NBA Championship. I scheduled a “guy meetup” at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the games. Unfortunately, BWW was jam packed with no seats in the house about a half hour til gametime. So, myself, Rodney (my bro), Greg, Seth and Aaron all went to Old Chicago down by the river to watch the game. Great game. I was soooo cheering for the Celtics but the Lakers pulled it out.

Kobe Bryant won his 5th NBA Championship ring in 2010.

Kobe Bryant won his 5th NBA Championship ring in 2010.

Why was I cheering for the Celtics? I’m not a Boston fan and I’m not really a bandwagon jumper. The reason was simple. I logged into one of my online sportsbooks I bet at the other day. Randomly, I noticed I had one pending bet. Took a look and apparantly I had made a $10 future bet like 5 months ago for the Boston Celtics to win the World Championship. The bet was at 20/1 so my $10 returned $210. WOW! This was way enough reason for me to cheer for the Celtics. They couldn’t do it for me though. I’m cool with it cause I woulda lost the money on the USA Soccer or on Baseball betting anyways.

As for the game. Kobe didn’t play well. Artest saved them in this game. He came up huge and hit some big shots. Ray Allen looked horrible for the Celtics. The Celtics controlled the whole game but I still had that sense that the Lakers would pull it out in the end.

That’s enough for tonight. Hope you all have a great weekend! It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

I’m back to blogging

My personal blog “” is back! It’s been way to long since I’ve blogged on here and as all of you know – I love to do this. I’ve been super busy with life and trying to keep up with too many things. One of my current goals is to scale back the number of websites I manage and really only focus on the ones I care about or am passionate about. Obviously, doesn’t make me a lot of money. But blogging about my family, friends and personal life is something I feel is important. Years down the road my family will have a nice blog of their life with pictures, events, stories and more. So I hope to start making periodic entries if not nightly entries about what is going on. I know, I know, I have said this before. But I’ll give it a try again.

Happy Birthday Bryce

My youngest boy Bryce turned 2 yesterday! I can’t believe he is that big/old already. Bryce is the silliest and funniest kid we have. He’s always egging it up and just loves his brother and sister. You can really tell he looks up to them and loves playing, hugging, wresting, laughing and fighting with them. For his birthday we had a little lunch in the park. Then at night people/kids came over for our “backyard hoops” which I’ll get into later. So Bryce loved the company at night and just played it up! On Saturday we are having a little birthday party for Brycey at the Pekin Park. Should be a good time (unless it rains which it will cause it always does). I thought it was cool that when I posted this entry on Facebook there were TONS of comments and likes wishing Bryce a happy birthday! Love you Bryce and Happy 2nd Birthday.

Backyard Hoops

Ok, I mentioned backyard hoops earlier. I have started a little tradition for the spring/summer/fall where I host backyard basketball at my house every Wednesday night. This is for neighbors or friends that don’t mind traveling. As you might know, we have a basketball court in our backyard. Whoever shows up plays some 3 on 3, 2 on 2, horse, knockout, bags, whatever… Just a time for us guys to hang out, relax, get some exercise and play some hoops. One of these days the rim is coming down to 9 foot with the miniball so we can relive the old days where miniball was a daily practice. Backyard hoops has been a HUGE hit so far. Every Wednesday, 7-9… If you are reading this you have an invite 🙂

Blog Redesign

I’m planning on updating a lot more going forward. The first step was getting a new look. As you can see I have a new layout and design. Might not be the prettiest but it’s simple, fast loading, and easy to use. The point of a personal blog is to make it easy to read about my life. This accomplishes the goal. I’ll be adding more things as I go but for now enjoy the simplicity of – also, I mentioned I wanted to scale back my websites I manage to just the ones I care about. I discuss this more on my internet marketing blog but a few of the sites that fit the bill are:

That’s it for now. More to come tomorrow!

Glory Days 2010

I recently got to play in the Glory Days hoops tournament for the 2nd straight year.  This is a basketball tournament where old highschool teammates get together and play a game.  There were 16 teams in the tournament.  It is run by PORTA highschool in Petersburg, IL.  Basically, you had to have graduated from the same highschool to play on your team.  It can be any age.  Lots of fun.  We ended up getting 3rd in 2009 and now got 2nd place in 2010.  We being Midwest Central.  Our roster consisted of:

  • myself, Jared Morris, Jason Proehl, Ryan Burks, Josh “Goose” Watson, Jeff Thompson, Jason Friedrich, Blaise Rodgers, Scott Winders, JD Proehl

We beat Sacred Heart Griffin our first game by 10 or so.  Kind of an ugly game.  Then we beat New Berlein in game two.  That was a great game and we ended up winning by just a few.  The quarter finals we played defending champion AC Central.  We ended up beating them by 10 or so in a hard nosed game.  Then in the championship we lost to Pittsfield for the 2nd straight year.

All in all it was a well rand tournament and always fun to play with old highschool friends.  Check out the picture of our Glory Days team below.

Michael Jordan Retirement Tribute

It’s no secret that I have always admired Michael Jordan.  MJ was the greatest basketball player of all time.  His will and desire to win were like none other.  Guys like Kobe and Lebron in today’s game try to emulate Michael, but always fall a bit short.  Michael Jordan was recently inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.  Before I go any further about this I want you to take 15 minutes and watch the full speech Jordan gave (if you have seen it before, skip ahead)

So a lot of controversy has came from this speech. Michael Jordan is a different dude.  You can not expect him to get up on stage and make the same old, boring, speech that everyone else does.  He obviously is a very competitive person and apparently used anything and everything to “fuel” that fire.  He talked about how his high school coach made a mistake “cutting” him instead of another dude (who was in the crowd).  He flamed Dean Smith for not getting MJ on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  He ripped on the Bulls a little bit for their comment that Organizations win championships.  He thanked the likes of Isaiah Thomas, Magic Johnson and Pat Riley for bringing out the best in him.  He destroyed Bryon Russell for his comments when Jordan retired.  One thing after another.  It was like the opposite of a “roast”.

So did Michael come off as a bitter old man?  Maybe a little.  But one thing is apparent.  This guy just wants to be better than everyone when it comes to basketball.  That is what MAKES HIM TICK.  This is why he is the best ever.  To expect Jordan to come on stage and act any differently is naive.

What did you think of this?  I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a Michael Jordan website dedicated to his life… Maybe some day.  Until then, congrats to Michael Jordan for making the hall of fame!

Congrats to Elmhurst basketball

ec-bluejaysFun to see my alma mater, Elmhurst College, make the NCAA tournament in D3 once again.  Brings back some great memories from 2001 🙂  They hosted UW Whitewater tonight and couldn’t pull out the win.  My boy from Manito, Ryan Burks, had a great season.  Congrats!  Brent Ruch, another central illinois guy was named 1st team all CCIW!  Great work guys!  Now time to come back to this area and play on my rec league teams  🙂

Great season Bluejays!