Wii Shoulder

So getting a Wii for my birthday was awesome. A special thanks to my parents for this gift. Perfect. But after just 2 nights of playing bowling and HR derby – I officially have “WII Shoulder”.  I’m actually sore from playing Wii – that is sad! You know I’m over 30 when I’m sore from throwing an imaginary bowling ball.  On the bright side, I’m a “Pro” now and my high bowling score is 251. Anyone want to come over and play?  It’s a blast.

I’m a perfectionist so these types of challenges just intrigue me.  I always want to beat my score or raise my level in any of these games that I’m playing.  The other night I couldn’t go to bed til I hit 10 for 10 in HR Derby (eat that Joel). I finally did it but not sure if I broke Joel’s total distance record.   So my Wii Shoulder is only going to get worse I’m sure.  Unless you start getting the Wii muscles in better shape the more you play.  Who knows – all I know is it’s a blast.