I’m back to blogging

My personal blog “knup.net” is back! It’s been way to long since I’ve blogged on here and as all of you know – I love to do this. I’ve been super busy with life and trying to keep up with too many things. One of my current goals is to scale back the number of websites I manage and really only focus on the ones I care about or am passionate about. Obviously, knup.net doesn’t make me a lot of money. But blogging about my family, friends and personal life is something I feel is important. Years down the road my family will have a nice blog of their life with pictures, events, stories and more. So I hope to start making periodic entries if not nightly entries about what is going on. I know, I know, I have said this before. But I’ll give it a try again.

Happy Birthday Bryce

My youngest boy Bryce turned 2 yesterday! I can’t believe he is that big/old already. Bryce is the silliest and funniest kid we have. He’s always egging it up and just loves his brother and sister. You can really tell he looks up to them and loves playing, hugging, wresting, laughing and fighting with them. For his birthday we had a little lunch in the park. Then at night people/kids came over for our “backyard hoops” which I’ll get into later. So Bryce loved the company at night and just played it up! On Saturday we are having a little birthday party for Brycey at the Pekin Park. Should be a good time (unless it rains which it will cause it always does). I thought it was cool that when I posted this entry on Facebook there were TONS of comments and likes wishing Bryce a happy birthday! Love you Bryce and Happy 2nd Birthday.

Backyard Hoops

Ok, I mentioned backyard hoops earlier. I have started a little tradition for the spring/summer/fall where I host backyard basketball at my house every Wednesday night. This is for neighbors or friends that don’t mind traveling. As you might know, we have a basketball court in our backyard. Whoever shows up plays some 3 on 3, 2 on 2, horse, knockout, bags, whatever… Just a time for us guys to hang out, relax, get some exercise and play some hoops. One of these days the rim is coming down to 9 foot with the miniball so we can relive the old days where miniball was a daily practice. Backyard hoops has been a HUGE hit so far. Every Wednesday, 7-9… If you are reading this you have an invite 🙂

Blog Redesign

I’m planning on updating knup.net a lot more going forward. The first step was getting a new look. As you can see I have a new layout and design. Might not be the prettiest but it’s simple, fast loading, and easy to use. The point of a personal blog is to make it easy to read about my life. This accomplishes the goal. I’ll be adding more things as I go but for now enjoy the simplicity of knup.net – also, I mentioned I wanted to scale back my websites I manage to just the ones I care about. I discuss this more on my internet marketing blog but a few of the sites that fit the bill are:

That’s it for now. More to come tomorrow!

Family update

I promised a little family update so here it is. Our family is doing well – we are super busy – but I know everyone is so that’s no surprise.

Bryce – This little guy is about 15 months now. He has thinned down a little since he was born mostly because he’s so active. Bryce is still a big boy for his age and seems strong as an ox. Wrestling with Drew, running from mom, jumping on the trampoline and throwing food seem to be some of his favorite activities.

Alyssa – She started pre-school at Bethel Lutheran just last week. She goes 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, and really loves it. Alyssa started dance class here in Morton as well and seems pretty pumped about that. She is getting tall and skinny and really getting a nice little attitude (kinda like mommy). She loves to ride her scooter, play with her friends in the neighborhood, play with her makeup, and watch movies.

Drew – I did a school update last week so take a look at that if you like. But other than school, Drew is doing well. He seems to be a tall kid and is starting to take a liking to some sports. For some reason, right now he states that he doesn’t want to play basketball or football because the coaches yell too much. He prefers soccer and baseball. So we’ll see where that all goes. Actually he asked if he could take golf lessons the other day – haha. I’m sure he’ll get into something as he’s a competitive little dude. He loves to ride his scooter and bike, play with the neighborhood kids, chill in his room with his cars and stuffed animals, and watch Disney Channel shows.

Sarah – She is turning into super woman. Sarah decided to watch kids from her home this fall/winter so she could make a little income yet still stay home with Bryce. So she has her hands full with that. Lots of families took her up on this and she has a nice schedule of before school, all day and after school kids. Let me just say, I COULDN’T DO IT! I was home one day while all these kids were around and almost lost my mind 🙂 But she loves it and takes great care of these kids. She has also been doing a lot of stuff with her girl friends as of late. Pedicures, working out at Golds, etc…

Ryan – Same old for me. Working hard and coming home to hang out with the kids. Football started up so I love this time of year. Doing a little recreational sports betting here or there just to make things interesting. I have been going to Gold’s Gym as well trying to workout both my upper and lower body and include some cardio. It’s been awhile since I’ve touched a weight.

So that’s that.  As for pictures, I try to keep Facebook updated with some pictures so check that out if you want to see the family photos.  A Knuppel family update in about 4 paragraphs. How is everyone else?

Bryce is getting big and moving

My little baby, Bryce, is now all over the place.  He’s almost 9 months old now and already crawling all over the house.  Pulls himself up on everything and stands there.  I think he’ll be walking fairly early.  Anyways, he just got over a week of sickness and he’s teething as well.  YUCK!  Check out the pictures below of the little fella (that’s what Lissy calls him).

Knuppel and Meeker Christmas

Three more down.  Two to go.  We enjoyed the “Knuppel Christmas” out at my mom and dad’s on Christmas Eve.  We traveled out to Manito in the morning and stayed all day.  Enjoyed a brunch of some of my favorite foods (mom makes that great coffee cake every Xmas).  The kids were just itching to get presents so after the brunch we had some opening to do.

The gift opening was a little stressful as the kids didn’t understand the concept of, 1) you go pick a gift under the tree, pass it out, then the person opening picks the next gift.  Drew understood it ok, but Alyssa just thought every time she picked a gift it should be for her.  And they are both impatient and didn’t like waiting to see where “their” gifts were.  Grrrr… Oh well, we made it through and kids will be kids I guess.  Some of the key gifts.

  • Rodney got a new Nintendo WII…
  • Sarah and Carlye got each other the exact same gift. Great minds think alike – or something like that.
  • Bryce got a sweet little horsey rocker.  He loves it.
  • Drew and Alyssa got several toys that they both love.
  • Ryan brought out the “hat grab bag” this year to extend all the guys gifts.
  • Mom got the buffet warmer from dad.
  • Randy with his external hard drive.
  • Sarah and I got our extra bar stools we needed.

Lots of great stuff.  After presents it was game mania the rest of the day.  Played some WII first.  Many of the regular games along with some of the new Xmas gifts (Celebrity Sports, WII Music, Princess something, etc).  Finally headed home after dinner.  Kids relaxed in the van and when we got home prepared the house for Santa.  We did the regular things, put out cookies/milk, put reindeer food on the front grass, read Night before Christmas, and more.  The kids went to bed early thankfully and they were so excited for the morning.

20081226-030 20081226-035 20081226-037

Christmas morning awoke me with Drew screaming in my ear and running in circles, “It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas, Santa came!!!”  I guess I had to wake up.  Santa surprised the kids with several toys and clothes.  Drew got some of the Cars he’d been wanting and Alyssa got some more princess makeup.  The family got WII Mario Cart!  Sarah and I decided not to really exchange this year to save some money.  Seems like we get what we need during the year.  I did end up getting Sarah a new “Envy 2” phone and the texting package.  So all you texters – she can now text with you  🙂 After gifts we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus over lighted cupcakes.  Fun!  The kids did realize the true meaning of Christmas so that was neat to see and get on video.

20081226-059 20081226-066 20081226-084

After our own little Christ we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Meeker’s house for the big Meeker Christmas.  Talk about packed.  Their house had nearly 50 people in it.  Ridiculous!  The food was unreal as always.  Adults voted to not do a gift exchange this year but the kids still did.  Drew got a sweet Cardinals pennant and a Redbird deck of cards.  Alyssa got a book and some nurses gear.  And Bryce, I missed what he got cause I was chasing Lissy around the house for some reason.  We did not stay long after lunch and gifts.  Our kids had been through enough.  Alyssa with no nap for 3 straight days is a recipe for disaster.  We made it home before 3:30 and got the kids some rest.  Luckily, today is a day to rest as well.  Time to enjoy some games with the family and just chill out.


Two more Christmas gatherings to go on Saturday and early next week.  Yikes.  Check out my Facebook profile for a full gallery of pics.

In other news, Joel and Ashley are scheduled to have their baby on Sunday night!!!!!!  Keep them in your prayers as it’s a few weeks early still.