Knuppel Christmas (unedited story)

So yesterday I posted my 7 year old son, Drew’s, first ever short story.  He is in the writing zone apparently because he has another one to publish.  This time around I didn’t edit it at all so it’s kind of humorous some of the tiny mistakes a 7 year old makes when writing.  Check it out…

Knuppel Christmas

One night it was Christmas eve and the Knuppel were going to bed. they were all in Drew’s room To read the animal book .when they were done, Bryce and mom went in his room to go to bed. Dad was putting Alyssa and Drew to bed when it was prayer time Dad just reemembered that we forgot to put the cookise out for santa. So they went downstairs Drew helped get the mug and the cookise Alyssa helped get the coco Dad got the plate then we put the cookise on the plate and Dad made the coco. then we went to bed. in the morning they saw presents under the tree Drew and Alyssa said ahhhhhh then they went over to the cookise and coco it was gon then they said Dad wakeup it’s Christmas Dad said ill be down in a minit when evreybudy was down we opin presents then Drew and Alyssa got a DSIXL’s for Christmas Bryce got alfy then we all pict up


By Drew Knuppel (7 Year Old)

2010 Christmas Poker Extravaganza

A group of my buddies and I play poker on a very regular basis.  At least once a month.  We play hold’em and random cards for pretty small stakes money.  Basically it’s a good excuse to get together, watch sports, and have some fun.  Last night we started a new “tradition” for our poker night surrounding Christmas.  Not only did we play poker but we did a gift exchange and had a best dressed contest.  See the picture below and let me know who you think should have won?

A couple things to keep in mind from this picture.  Yes, Wade was a woman with the full makeup, lipstick, nail polish, bra and more!  Pip had a sweet leather red blazer.  Rodney is indeed wearing Christmas lights.  Jason’s tie sung a song!

2010 Visit from Santa Claus

On this past Saturday we had a family party at our friends house in Morton. They were having “Santa” visit their house and letting all the kids sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. We also brought a present for each kid and they put it in Santa’s bag of gifts to give out! It was a lot of fun. Alyssa was the very first person to sit on Santa’s lap. I honestly thought she was going to freak out but she went up there and did it like a brave little girl 🙂 Then Drew was next. He of course was fine. The only odd thing about Drew’s discuss was Santa asked him, “Do you play baseball?” And he answered NO. lol ok whatever. Bryce was last to go up and he went on Santa’s lap like a trooper as well. He looked a little nervous but what do you expect. They each got a little gift and a candy cane and loved the whole thing. Great idea!!! Check out the pictures from the event below:

Christmas is finally over

We had our last 2 Christmas gatherings finally.  On Saturday we met at the Kowerko’s in Bloomington for the Peterson side of Christmas.  Was a great time.  Food, movies and some presents.  The kids had a fun time chasing each other through the basement and doing what kids do.  The adults did a “gift card exchange” so that was fun and easy.  We ended up getting Pizza Hut and The Buckle as our gift cards.  Perfect, since our kids love Pizza Hut.

Sunday was supposed to be the Friedrich Christmas but Joel and Ashley changed those plans.  They had little Morgan Peterson on Sunday morning!  So we moved back xmas to Monday night instead.  Friedrichs as fun as well though our kids were a tad crazy that late at night.  Drew got some “spy” walkie talkies and was loving those.  Lissy got a new camera that she loved too.  I got a sweet Cardinals blanket made by hand by Brooke!  Awesome.

So Christmas is over.  A big thanks to everyone who hosted Christmas, thanks to those who got us gifts, and a special thanks to my family for putting up with me over my work vacation  🙂  Back to work I go – soon.

Knuppel and Meeker Christmas

Three more down.  Two to go.  We enjoyed the “Knuppel Christmas” out at my mom and dad’s on Christmas Eve.  We traveled out to Manito in the morning and stayed all day.  Enjoyed a brunch of some of my favorite foods (mom makes that great coffee cake every Xmas).  The kids were just itching to get presents so after the brunch we had some opening to do.

The gift opening was a little stressful as the kids didn’t understand the concept of, 1) you go pick a gift under the tree, pass it out, then the person opening picks the next gift.  Drew understood it ok, but Alyssa just thought every time she picked a gift it should be for her.  And they are both impatient and didn’t like waiting to see where “their” gifts were.  Grrrr… Oh well, we made it through and kids will be kids I guess.  Some of the key gifts.

  • Rodney got a new Nintendo WII…
  • Sarah and Carlye got each other the exact same gift. Great minds think alike – or something like that.
  • Bryce got a sweet little horsey rocker.  He loves it.
  • Drew and Alyssa got several toys that they both love.
  • Ryan brought out the “hat grab bag” this year to extend all the guys gifts.
  • Mom got the buffet warmer from dad.
  • Randy with his external hard drive.
  • Sarah and I got our extra bar stools we needed.

Lots of great stuff.  After presents it was game mania the rest of the day.  Played some WII first.  Many of the regular games along with some of the new Xmas gifts (Celebrity Sports, WII Music, Princess something, etc).  Finally headed home after dinner.  Kids relaxed in the van and when we got home prepared the house for Santa.  We did the regular things, put out cookies/milk, put reindeer food on the front grass, read Night before Christmas, and more.  The kids went to bed early thankfully and they were so excited for the morning.

20081226-030 20081226-035 20081226-037

Christmas morning awoke me with Drew screaming in my ear and running in circles, “It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas, Santa came!!!”  I guess I had to wake up.  Santa surprised the kids with several toys and clothes.  Drew got some of the Cars he’d been wanting and Alyssa got some more princess makeup.  The family got WII Mario Cart!  Sarah and I decided not to really exchange this year to save some money.  Seems like we get what we need during the year.  I did end up getting Sarah a new “Envy 2” phone and the texting package.  So all you texters – she can now text with you  🙂 After gifts we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus over lighted cupcakes.  Fun!  The kids did realize the true meaning of Christmas so that was neat to see and get on video.

20081226-059 20081226-066 20081226-084

After our own little Christ we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Meeker’s house for the big Meeker Christmas.  Talk about packed.  Their house had nearly 50 people in it.  Ridiculous!  The food was unreal as always.  Adults voted to not do a gift exchange this year but the kids still did.  Drew got a sweet Cardinals pennant and a Redbird deck of cards.  Alyssa got a book and some nurses gear.  And Bryce, I missed what he got cause I was chasing Lissy around the house for some reason.  We did not stay long after lunch and gifts.  Our kids had been through enough.  Alyssa with no nap for 3 straight days is a recipe for disaster.  We made it home before 3:30 and got the kids some rest.  Luckily, today is a day to rest as well.  Time to enjoy some games with the family and just chill out.


Two more Christmas gatherings to go on Saturday and early next week.  Yikes.  Check out my Facebook profile for a full gallery of pics.

In other news, Joel and Ashley are scheduled to have their baby on Sunday night!!!!!!  Keep them in your prayers as it’s a few weeks early still.