Get a free $5 gift card to Cracker Barrel

I’m a fan of Cracker Barrel.  But for some reason I always forget about it when choosing a restaurant.  CB knows that and are trying to spread the word about their restaurant this summer.

The good news.  We can get a free $5 gift certificate to Cracker Barrel just for signing up.  It’s an email list and a fun little game (sort of like Monopoly).  Check it out here.

Rooftop Tickets to Illini at Wrigley Field

Fighting Illini fans will love todays Groupon Chicago deal.  Sit on the rooftop for this weekends game!!!  Below are the deals for Central Illinois on this Tuesday 11/16/2010 from Groupon and Seize the Deal.

Groupon St. Louis – $12 for $25 Worth of Mediterranean Dinner Fare at Spiro’s South (or $7 for $15 Worth of Lunch)

Groupon Chicago – $99 for One Rooftop Ticket to Northwestern vs. Illinois Football Game on November 20 on a Wrigley Field Roof ($168.77 Value). Choose Between Two Options.

Seize the Deal Peoria – $25 Gets You $50 Toward Fine Fashions and Accessories at Random

Seize the Deal Bloomington – 50% Off Professional Gutter Cleaning From All About Gutters

Friday Deals from Illinois

I’m a sucker for deals. Someone offers me 75% off of something, and almost no matter what it is, I want it. This is exactly why I love sites like Groupon and Seize the Deal. Groupon has been around for a little bit now and really made a name for itself when it offered $50 to GAP for $25 a few months back. I bought a couple of these and Sarah got her clothes fix in at 50% off. Very nice. I follow the St. Louis and Chicago area deals at Groupon. The biggest problem is I’m 3+ hours from these cities. They don’t offer these same deals in the smaller cities.

But thanks to my Facebook friend Melody, I now found Seize the Deal. They have similar type deals but in Peoria and Bloomington. Now we’re talking. These are like 20 minutes from me.

So I get the deals each day from all of these different places and I thought it would be a fun post to make each morning with what these deals are. Follow my facebook notes or subscribe to my blog to get the summary. Better yet, grab an account at Seize the Deal and Groupon and they’ll send it directly to your inbox. Either way.

Here are the deals for 11/12/2010:

Groupon St. Louis – $13 for $30 Worth of Contemporary American Cuisine at Harry’s Restaurant and Bar

Groupon Chicago – $112 for DermaFlash Plus Facial Treatment at Cellular Intelligence Luxury MedSpa

Seize the Deal Peoria – $15 for $30 of Delicious Comfort Food at Dane’s Bar & Grill (formerly Ned Kelly’s)

Seize the Deal Bloomington – $8 Gets You $16 Worth of Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza