Our move from Riverside to Elevate Church

Back a few months ago we decided that our family needed a “church change”. We have loved Riverside. We met some of our closest friends at Riverside and have really had a great experience. But honestly, it feels like it is getting “too big”. Can a church get too big? Is that even possible? Well, thats another debate but for our families purposes, we needed something a little smaller. We felt that as our kids get older we want them to have that true “family” feel to their church class. At Riverside, the classes are so large and different teachers/kids every week that it just never seemed like they could connect with other kids.

So we tried out Elevate Church here in Morton and loved it.   Actually we visited Elevate back in 2008 once just to see what it was all about.  Elevate is a branch off church from Riverside and some of our old friends from Riverside are actually leaders so that really excited us. Our kids already knew several kids in their Sunday School class as they are some of the same kids they go to school with. This made it a little easier transition. We are really looking forward to getting more involved at Elevate as the years go on. This summer was crazy busy but as things slow down hopefully we will find more time to really get ourselves involved.

elevate church visit in Morton

For a few months now we’ve been meaning to try out the new “elevate church” in Morton since it is somewhat of a spinoff to Riverside.  We finally made that happen yesterday.  It went well, except that Alyssa didn’t want to cooperate at all.  She was very clingy.  The Church was very nice and everyone was very friendly.  Little did we know they had a big “outside water day” for Drew’s age kid so he had an absolute ball.  Take a look at the pictures of him having a blast in the water.