Done With Foursquare – Current Social Networking Landscape

If you use the Internet most likely you are a part of social media in some way or form. Social networks such as Facebook, twitter, google+, Foursquare and more have taken over people’s lives. I want to take a quick look at these different platforms and talk about how I currently use them.

Facebook is still my most used and favorite social network. That is probably due to the fact that tons of my friends and family use it. But facebook is a huge part of my daily lifestyle right now. I follow friends statuses, update my own status, upload pictures, promote my businesses through pages and more. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t stop using Facebook in the near future.

Twitter is a growing trend because of the celebrity embracement. Movie stars, singers, and athletes all use Twitter. Personally I have a very hard time keeping up with Twitter. It moves so freakin fast. I also have twitter accounts for many of my websites so that compounds the problem. I’d say I use twitter a few times a week and that is mainly for marketing purposes.

I am 100% done with Foursquare. I even uninstalled it from my phone the other day. Check ins just seem like a big waste of time to me. In this busy world I’m trying harder and harder to focus on value added things in my life. Plus, my only goal on Foursquare was to be the mayor of Bww. Success. But then soon after someone overtook me despite me checking in several more times. I don’t understand. Done with Foursquare.

An up and coming social network is Google+. With the google brand running this it is sure to catch some users. They added the concept of circles which makes it slightly different than facebook. But it’s probably not enough different for the masses to use it. I have an account and will start using it sparingly.

Ok that is about it for tonight. What social networks do you use and why?

Download Your Entire Facebook History

Did you know you can download your entire Facebook history into a zip file?  This zip file will contain every single thing from your Facebook account.  It has the pictures, videos, links, notes, friends list, status updates, messages and more.  I’ve always wanted to see my entire “Wall” history going back to when I started Facebook.  Now you can.  Plus, if Facebook ever crashes or your account somehow gets screwed up or deleted – now you have a full backup of your account.

Download your Facebook account.

How to Download Your Facebook History

  • Login to Facebook
  • Go to “Account” -> “Account Settings”
  • Click on “learn more” next to the Download section.
  • Read the instructions and go!

It’s very simple to download your Facebook history, wall and pictures.  Not sure there is a huge use for it but I thought it was cool.  And it was something that I didn’t know could be done until today.

Enjoy and feel free to “friend” me at Ryan Knuppel facebook.

If you wanna be cool – Drop the “the”

If any of you watched “The Social Network” movie about Facebook you will appreciate this video below.  A parody of Sean Parker telling Facebook to drop the “the” from!  Funny video…

Facebook Memories Coming Soon

I’ve always wondered why Facebook didn’t allow an easy way for you to navigate through your “history”.  Think about it.  We have been dumping in status after status, location updates, pictures, etc… Year after year we do this and Facebook has all of this data.  So where is the “journal” of my life?  I want to go back and read my statuses from a year ago – easily!

Well, with Facebook Memories it sounds like this may be a possibility in the very very near future.  It was leaked the other day that Facebook briefly had this update available.  Screenshot of Facebook Memories below:

Facebook Memories

It’s kinda cool (and scary) to think about this.  Facebook Memories can provide your life story or a journal of your life.  Awesome!  The question I have is will this be isolated to just our own profiles?  Or will we be able to see Facebook Memories for other Facebook users like our friends?  Hopefully they make this a preference that we can control.

Anyone else kinda excited to see this new Facebook Memories?  It’s currently not available but it was briefly at one point.  So expect it soon!

Integrate WordPress, Twitter and Facebook

If you are a blogger or run a blog – like myself – I’m guessing you are interested in social media as well.  In my case, I run several WordPress blogs.  Each of these WordPress blogs has it’s own Twitter account tied to it and Facebook Page tied to it.  For the longest time I’ve struggled with how to integrate all of these so that when I make a WordPress post – it automatically tweets to the correct Twitter account and posts on the correct Facebook page.  Now I have an integration solution for this.

WordPress Action Items

The only thing you have to do in WordPress is install the “Twitter Tools” plugin and configure it.  To configure it you will have to login to your Twitter dev tools page and create an application for this.  But the instructions to do this are right there when you activate Twitter Tools.

After you install this plugin and activate it, you will want to configure the settings.  I like to set it to auto-post and with some default hashtags.  You may also want to sign up at and configure that in Twitter Tools.

Once this is done, all new posts you make on WordPress will get automatically sent to your correct Twitter account.

Twitter Action Items

There is nothing you need to do to your Twitter account besides configure the developer application to work with the WordPress Twitter Tools plugin.

Facebook Action Items

Now that we have the new WordPress post going automatically to Twitter – we have to get this post going to Facebook.  This has been tough but I found an awesome solution.  Instead of going from WordPress to Facebook Page we are going to take all tweets on Twitter to Facebook Pages.  This not only brings your new WordPress posts but it also sends all Tweets to your Facebook Page (making your Twitter your central hub for social networks).

So the solution is the “Smart Twitter for Pages” application on Facebook.  Once you install this application it will list all of your pages and let you associate a Twitter account to each of them.  PERFECT!!!

Now, if you want your posts to go directly to your Facebook personal status instead of a page – just install the “Twitter” application for Facebook.  Easy.


My example is for my sports betting blog.  On Betting Blogger I have the Twitter Tools plugin installed.  When I make a new post, it automatically tweets it to the Betting Blogger Twitter account.  From here, the Tweet immediately gets sent to my Betting Blogger facebook page.  As a special bonus, any tweet I make goes to my facebook page as well!  Great solution!


So there it is.  Wordpress posts automatically go to Twitter.  Tweets automatically go to the correct Facebook Pages or Facebook status.  Any questions?