Spring is Here – Bring on Spring Things

It’s finally spring.  This 2010-2011 winter seemed like one of the longest of all-time.  It was freakin cold forever and snowed a ton.  Heck, it’s still cold out and it’s April!  But officially spring is here!  For the Knuppels – spring marks the beginning of many fun things.

MYBA Baseball

MYBA baseball has started up for Drew.  He played (and I coached) Tball last year and we are both very glad to be at the next level this year.  He will be playing coach pitch this year and once again – I’m coaching.  Heck, I some how got hustled (volunteered) to be the Maverick League directory this year so that is going to keep me busy as well.  But anyways, I’m coaching Drew in coach pitch.  We are the Dodgers this year and should have a lot of fun.  The kids seem to be great kids and I have plenty of awesome coaches helping me out.  Sure was nice breaking the gloves out and dusting off the bats.  Baseball is here!  For Drew’s schedule you can go here:  2011 Dodgers Maverick League Schedule

Cardinal Baseball

Probably even more exciting to me is that fact that Cardinals baseball is here.  I am spoiled.  I got to attend opening day this year.  Unfortunately, they lost.  But never the less – I was there.  Then I went back on Sunday for the Cardinal Blogger / Social Media day.  That was awesome.  We got to go into the Cardinal administrative offices and listen to the GM John Mozeliak speak.  After that they took us to an all-inclusive box and gave us free tickets, food, drink for the whole game.  Quite a fun experience.  Best of all – they are doing this again in May!!!  Pays to own CardinalsGM, AlbertPujolsClub and CubsSuckClub I guess!  haha.

But besides that – the Cardinals are going to struggle.  2-4 record to start.  The offense looks blah.  The pitching is ok.  Bullpen not so hot.  Check out our Cardinals blog for more of my thoughts on this years team.

Dairy Queen

The spring time comes and my kids are like auto programmed to start asking Sarah and I…

“Can we ride our bikes to Dairy Queen tonight to get ice cream.”

I swear I will hear that line 245 times this spring among my 3 kids.  But you know what – I love DQ – so I’ll probably say yes like 125 times.  HAHA.

Jumping on the Trampoline and Playing Outside

This is one of the biggest things for our family.  We just love to be outside.

  • Jumping on the trampoline
  • Playing backyard hoops
  • Swings, slides, sand table…
  • Going for walks and bike rides
  • Sitting out front or on the patio with neighbors

We love everything about it.  It makes the kids tired and just makes everyone in a good mood overall.  Remind me again why we all live in central Illinois still?  I could handle spring weather for 365 days out of the year.

Backyard Basketball

It’s time to get backyard basketball with the neighbors started up once again.  2010 was the first year I did this.  Every Wednesday I had guys over to play some 3 on 3 action on the court.  It went over great.  We all got our competitive juices flowing (sometimes too much), got some exercise, and got to know our neighbors a bit more.  Now if we can find a way to coral the 30+ kids that end up in my backyard too!  good luck right?

I guess that’s about it.  I’m excited that spring is here.  I’ll continue to give updates as life goes on.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter for more constant day to day updates.

Jam Packed Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day weekend proved to be a jam packed weekend for our family.  It was quite the awesome weekend but let’s take a look at some of the highlites.

Friday Tball EGroup

Friday night started off with a late night tball makeup game.  Yeah, we’ve had like 5-6 rainouts this year for Drew’s Thunder tball games (MYBA) but they make them all up.  Because Tuesday’s game was rained out they decided to schedule this game for 6:30 PM on Friday.  Not the most convenient but whatever.  So, we had that game and it was a beautiful night for tball.  Very few kids showed up so we ended up finishing the game in 40 minutes or so.  Bonus!

After Tball we had eGroup at the Norris’s house.  Fun times.  We just chatted and of course ate with our eGroup friends.  The kids watched a couple movies downstairs and Bryce annoyed mommy and daddy as always 🙂  He ended up being “extra cuddly” with Jamie so that gave us all a good laugh as well.

Saturday Tball and Winery

On Saturday morning we had another Thunder tball game.  It rained, I mean poured, all night so I thought there was no chance of a game.  But it happened.  We played the rival MuckDawgs that had the Stock boys, Broc and some other kids from Drew’s class.  The game went well but took a little longer.  Oh well.

Saturday night we hit up the Mackinaw Valley Winery for the first time of the 2010 summer.  We really enjoy this place.  The band “Loose Shoes” was playing and we went out there with some friends from Morton.  Good times as always and it was the most awesome weather for this event.  No wind. No heat. No rain.  We chatted, drank a little wine and ate some Butch’s Pizza (thanks Tim)!!!

Sunday Father’s Day

Father’s Day on Sunday was very very tiring but a good one.  Let’s recap this day.

  • 8:30 AM – drove out to Manito to pick up the kiddos.  They spent the night at grandma and grandpa’s house but I wanted them to go to Church with us on Fathers day.
  • 10:00 AM – Went to Elevate Church.  Funny story.  They played a game for fathers where they had 8 fathers on stage.  Of course, I was one that got picked.  Now, each person faced off heads up with another guy on some male trivia.  The first question was a hockey question that I struggled with, but won.  Now I’m in the final four.  The 2nd question was what is the most expensive car in the world.  They had 3 choices.  I chose A.  He chose C.  Of course, the answer was B.  So how do we break the tie.  Matthew Bennett was one of the guys asking questions and running it.  The Bennett’s know me very well and he decided to put me to the “test”.  He goes, “Who is the BEST team in Major League Baseball.”  Without hesitation I answered, “The St. Louis Cardinals“.  DUH.  EASY.  He quickly says, “NO, You lose.”  See, they are huge Cubs fans and he wanted to see how faithful to my Redbirds I was.  I past that test but lost the contest.  It was a HUGE blessing in disguise though.  The championship round the guys had to see who could chug a “Happy Shake” the fastest.  What’s a happy shake?  A Happy Shake is a full McDonalds Happy Meal blended up into a drink.  EWWWWW.  Thank goodness I didn’t even have to attempt that.  They also provided Red Bull and Texas Roadhouse bread as a snack during service.  Elevate Church in Morton ROCKS!
  • 12:00 PM – Went to my brother, Rodney Knuppel, house in Pekin.  We had some KFC for lunch and just hung out.  The kids got tired very quickly so we went home for some rest.
  • 2:00 PM – rest time!  Nap for the father!
  • 4:00 PM – Headed out to Green Valley to Sarah’s parents house.  Fun grilling out night.  Had some steaks and great food.  The kids played in the kiddie pool and gave us all some entertainment.
  • 9:00 PM – BED

So that is that.  The weekend was crazy busy but lots of fun.  The kids and Sarah treated me great on Fathers Day and made me realize why I love being a daddy sooooo much!

Happy Easter to everyone

Would like to wish all you family and friends a Happy Easter.  Enjoy the day with your family and remember why this day is so important!  Jesus rose from the dead!


Also, I have some posts on the horizon here with some updated pictures and videos of the family and our latest Branson vacation!  Be on the lookout.

I’m 29 and feel like 59 today

Today is my birthday!  Thanks to all of you that sent me a birthday email, call, etc.  I am officially 29 years young.  So why do I feel like 59 you ask? Well, those of you that live in the area know we had an ice storm yesterday.  Everything was coated with ice – everything. I decided I could venture out and be brave, to get the mail!  WRONG MOVE.  I walked out slowly, and at the end of our drive it slopes down a bit.  WHAM! Flat on by back I go. No cushion. No catching myself. Straight on my back/shoulder.  That hurt like ****.  Today my shoulders and neck are killing me and I feel like an injured old man. Hopefully nothing permanent happened  🙂

As for my birthday.  It was great.  We didn’t make it to church this morning as we had to ‘clean the house’ for an Open house today.  Yep, for those that don’t know – our house is for sale. More on that later.  So after the house was clean I got Sarah’s blessing to go watch NFL football all day at Buffalo Wild Wings with the guys.  My dad, brother Rodney, Pip and Carley all met up at BWW in East Peoria for some football.  We had stattracker launched and talked a little trash about our fantasy teams. Lots of wings and diet soda!

At night we had family over for a small birthday party. Was great of everyone to come. We played some WII bowling but the kids decided they wanted in on the action and slowed down that. We ate cake, icecream and other snacks. I opened gifts. Sarah and the kids got me tickets to an Illini basketball game next weekend vs. Arizona at the United Center!!!! YEAH!!! I got a lot of money toward my big birthday present – a treadmill!!!!

We finally got a treadmill. Since CAT is not going to pay for a gym membership anymore we decided to just workout at home and outside. We got a Horizon T900.  Had the brother in laws and parents help me haul it to the basement and got it all setup! The best part about it is that at Dick’s they had a special.  Buy this treadmill and get a free iPod Nano! It’s iPod compatible so the iPod fits right in and plays over the speakers. Great!  I ran for 20 minutes or so just to try out all the features.  I plan on starting my real workouts tomorrow! Nice to watch the big screen, listen to music, and run all in my own home.

Thanks again to everyone!