2010 Visit from Santa Claus

On this past Saturday we had a family party at our friends house in Morton. They were having “Santa” visit their house and letting all the kids sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. We also brought a present for each kid and they put it in Santa’s bag of gifts to give out! It was a lot of fun. Alyssa was the very first person to sit on Santa’s lap. I honestly thought she was going to freak out but she went up there and did it like a brave little girl 🙂 Then Drew was next. He of course was fine. The only odd thing about Drew’s discuss was Santa asked him, “Do you play baseball?” And he answered NO. lol ok whatever. Bryce was last to go up and he went on Santa’s lap like a trooper as well. He looked a little nervous but what do you expect. They each got a little gift and a candy cane and loved the whole thing. Great idea!!! Check out the pictures from the event below:

I’m 29 and feel like 59 today

Today is my birthday!  Thanks to all of you that sent me a birthday email, call, etc.  I am officially 29 years young.  So why do I feel like 59 you ask? Well, those of you that live in the area know we had an ice storm yesterday.  Everything was coated with ice – everything. I decided I could venture out and be brave, to get the mail!  WRONG MOVE.  I walked out slowly, and at the end of our drive it slopes down a bit.  WHAM! Flat on by back I go. No cushion. No catching myself. Straight on my back/shoulder.  That hurt like ****.  Today my shoulders and neck are killing me and I feel like an injured old man. Hopefully nothing permanent happened  🙂

As for my birthday.  It was great.  We didn’t make it to church this morning as we had to ‘clean the house’ for an Open house today.  Yep, for those that don’t know – our house is for sale. More on that later.  So after the house was clean I got Sarah’s blessing to go watch NFL football all day at Buffalo Wild Wings with the guys.  My dad, brother Rodney, Pip and Carley all met up at BWW in East Peoria for some football.  We had stattracker launched and talked a little trash about our fantasy teams. Lots of wings and diet soda!

At night we had family over for a small birthday party. Was great of everyone to come. We played some WII bowling but the kids decided they wanted in on the action and slowed down that. We ate cake, icecream and other snacks. I opened gifts. Sarah and the kids got me tickets to an Illini basketball game next weekend vs. Arizona at the United Center!!!! YEAH!!! I got a lot of money toward my big birthday present – a treadmill!!!!

We finally got a treadmill. Since CAT is not going to pay for a gym membership anymore we decided to just workout at home and outside. We got a Horizon T900.  Had the brother in laws and parents help me haul it to the basement and got it all setup! The best part about it is that at Dick’s they had a special.  Buy this treadmill and get a free iPod Nano! It’s iPod compatible so the iPod fits right in and plays over the speakers. Great!  I ran for 20 minutes or so just to try out all the features.  I plan on starting my real workouts tomorrow! Nice to watch the big screen, listen to music, and run all in my own home.

Thanks again to everyone!