Download Your Entire Facebook History

Did you know you can download your entire Facebook history into a zip file?  This zip file will contain every single thing from your Facebook account.  It has the pictures, videos, links, notes, friends list, status updates, messages and more.  I’ve always wanted to see my entire “Wall” history going back to when I started Facebook.  Now you can.  Plus, if Facebook ever crashes or your account somehow gets screwed up or deleted – now you have a full backup of your account.

Download your Facebook account.

How to Download Your Facebook History

  • Login to Facebook
  • Go to “Account” -> “Account Settings”
  • Click on “learn more” next to the Download section.
  • Read the instructions and go!

It’s very simple to download your Facebook history, wall and pictures.  Not sure there is a huge use for it but I thought it was cool.  And it was something that I didn’t know could be done until today.

Enjoy and feel free to “friend” me at Ryan Knuppel facebook.

Facebook Memories Coming Soon

I’ve always wondered why Facebook didn’t allow an easy way for you to navigate through your “history”.  Think about it.  We have been dumping in status after status, location updates, pictures, etc… Year after year we do this and Facebook has all of this data.  So where is the “journal” of my life?  I want to go back and read my statuses from a year ago – easily!

Well, with Facebook Memories it sounds like this may be a possibility in the very very near future.  It was leaked the other day that Facebook briefly had this update available.  Screenshot of Facebook Memories below:

Facebook Memories

It’s kinda cool (and scary) to think about this.  Facebook Memories can provide your life story or a journal of your life.  Awesome!  The question I have is will this be isolated to just our own profiles?  Or will we be able to see Facebook Memories for other Facebook users like our friends?  Hopefully they make this a preference that we can control.

Anyone else kinda excited to see this new Facebook Memories?  It’s currently not available but it was briefly at one point.  So expect it soon!

One Letter Wheel of Fortune

Ever since we dropped cable television a few months back, my family and I try to find creative things to do or watch. It’s amazing how much more tv we watch as a “family” now than we did when we had cable. With cable the kiddos watched Disney and Nick all day and night while I watched my sports. Now, we are roped in to things like Dancing With the Stars, Survivor, and yes, Wheel of Fortune.

Drew absolutely loves Wheel of Fortune.  He’s a smart kid and loves challenges so it’s right up his alley.  Everytime myself or Sarah guesses the phrase right he’s like, “if you were on this show we would be rich.”  If only it were that easy buddy.

Anyways, wanted to share a Wheel of Fortune video with you.  This lady solves the puzzle with only 1 letter on the entire board.  Has to be Wheel of Fortune history.  Some are claiming it’s a conspiracy but I think she’s just smart.  Check it out!