Saint Louis Sports is My New Project

So everyone knows that I used to run Albert Pujols websites. Jim Mattson made that very clear by embarrassing, errr featuring, me on the news a couple times to talk about my sites. Well, I’ve officially sold those and am no longer tied to Pujols. Goodbye Albert. Hello Saint Louis Sports!

I’ve teamed up with my brother Rodney (and several others) to form! I was shocked to see this .com domain name available and knew from the beginning it would be a solid site to grow out. It should get natural traffic and be “legit” enough to get link backs from some notable sites as well. Very exciting.

So the basic design is done and we’ve been working to get some content out there. Now it’s time to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Guest Posts, links, emails and more. If you have a site – would love a shout out to! The site will feature the Cardinals, Rams and Blues. Basically it will be a blog, directory and more. Really excited about this project and hopefully it keeps me connected within the STL Sports cirlces as well!

Visit Saint Louis Sports today and see our progress.  Or follow us @SaintLouisSport on twitter.

Laying Out a Roadmap – And Following It

When it comes to running multiple websites there are ALWAYS things to do.

  • Adding new pages of content.
  • Updating blogs with new content.
  • Getting new links.
  • Setting up the design of new sites.
  • Marketing the sites.

All of this stuff is important to the success of a website.  Each and every day I map out an agenda of things that need to be done that day.  The thing is – a lot of it doesn’t ever seem to get done.  Why?  Well, as most of you know I have a limited amount of time to work on my “hobby” sites.  I have a full time job and a full time family life.  So my time is limited to evenings after the kids go to bed.  But what do I find myself doing?  I stare at Gmail, or Yahoo mail, or Twitter, or Facebook or chat.  I spend countless hours getting nothing important done and just kinda VEGGING.  At the end of the night – I haven’t checked anything off my list.

So I guess this post is just a reminder to myself that I need to shut some of this stuff down/off at night and actually do some WORK.  Success doesn’t come without hard work.  I have the lists or to-do roadmaps all setup to have a successful internet marketing “career”.  But, without following that roadmap and checking things off the list – it will never be successful at all.

Time to get to work!

April 2011 Goals – Affiliate Marketing

Finally getting around to posting my March recap and April goals post.  Only a few days late – at least I’m doing it.  March was a good but very busy month.  With March Madness and baseball starting – it always takes up a lot of my time and energy.  Let’s get to the recap.

March 2011 Recap – Affiliate Marketing

  • Post tons of March Madness content on my betting site:  I did this.  I recruited some help as well and got some nice traffic around March Madness.  Learned some things for next year as well.
  • Have at least one day of 1000+ visitors to my betting site: SUCCESS!  Actually hit 2000+ on a day or two.
  • Sell a minimum of 10 Cubs Suck shirts via email, site, Facebook, Twitter:  FAIL.  Sold 6 to be exact.
  • Get homepage article up on every one of my “dormant” domains:  SEMI-FAIL.  Did a few but didn’t focus on some others.
  • Move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 on my medical site: SUCCESS!
  • Start tracking all finances in Quickbooks:  FAIL.  Getting close though.
  • Take on this new “Link Building” job and deliver 5+ links: FAIL.  This job isn’t for me.
  • Deliver 150+ articles to my G5 clients: SUCCESS!  Delivered well over this number and took on another 2 clients as well!
  • Start the process for my CardinalsGM secret project: FAIL.
  • Successfully setup and run a March Madness contest on my betting blog and convert 10+ new users to a sportsbook: PARTIAL SUCCESS!  I ran a nice contest.  Had 30+ players.  But didn’t get that many new users to the sportsbooks.
  • Do not miss a single day sending out Betting Blogger free picks email: FAIL.  I missed a few.

March 2011 Goals – Affiliate Marketing

  • Post some baseball strategy and baseball picks articles on my sports betting site.
  • Sell a minimum of 10 Cubs Suck shirts via email, site, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Get 1 or 2 contributors for my medical site.
  • Successfully finish setting up my business (LLC).
  • Start tracking all finances in Quickbooks.
  • Deliver 150+ articles to my G5 clients.
  • Get business cards printed up and increase the visibility of my Cardinals sites.
  • Plan my Cardinals contest and get it off the ground.
  • Do not miss a single day sending out Betting Blogger free picks email.
  • Prune my domains and sites down to a “manageable” number.

So there we go.  April should be a great month.  It’s going to mark the first month I’m actually doing internet marketing stuff under an actual BUSINESS umbrella.  I’m very excited to get this going and will make a post once my company is formed and rolling.

Finish Projects Before Starting New Ones

One of the hardest parts about doing Internet Marketing work is the completion of projects. Everyone has tons and tons of ideas. I myself am constantly thinking and coming up with new ideas for a new website or web project. By the time I get going on an idea, I start thinking of the next idea. This is dangerous because I begin to spend time and effort on this next idea and quickly abandon the previous idea. What happens is you end up having hundreds of half-a**ed web projects out there. None of them doing anyone any good. And most of all – none of them making me any money.

I talked the other day about how we should act like every month is January. If we learn to set monthly goals this should help with our “project” problem. One thing I’m going to try very hard to do going forward is to finish my projects before starting another one. This could be very difficult but I promise it will be more rewarding. I WILL NOT START A NEW PROJECT UNTIL TE PREVIOUS PROJECT IS DONE! This doesn’t mean I can’t have ideas. Have an idea – jot it down – and then keep plugging away on the current project list for this motnh. Lay out each month what projects are currently open and the steps needed to complete these projects. Don’t add other projects to this list until they are complete.

I’ll give a few personal examples of my “unfinished projects”.

Betting Blogger

This sports betting blog is going to be huge. Trust me. But start navigating through some of the pages and categories and you’ll see there is a TON of blank pages. It needs a lot of base content developed for it. My main focus in 2011 is Betting Blogger and making it an authority in the betting world.

My Celebrity/Disney Sites

All of my celebrity sites are about 75% done. But 75% makes you lose out on money. They all have nice content and traffic but what am I doing with this traffic? I need to get a plan in place to truly monetize these sites.

Cardinal Sites and Albert Pujols Club are my two Cardinal sites that are pieced together. CGM is coming along nicely and is probably my 2nd biggest focus in 2011. My dad and I have slowly been adding content and growing the readership of CGM. But it’s still not complete. APC needs lots of work and I’m not even capturing emails or visitors here. What a waste.

Ok, I could go on and on about these half finished web projects. You don’t even want to know about the projects I’m READY to start working on. I have probably 5-10 great ideas that are just itching to get started. But I am forcing myself to refuse to start these projects until my current list is complete and making me money!

Act Like Every Month Is January

The start of a New Year brings out the best in everyone. Typically on January 1st and the week/month to follow people (including myself) are more motivated and productive than any other time. People set their New Years Resolutions and are all gung ho about working out, their work, hobbies, eating well and more. As the months continue on through the year, this motivation starts to disappear. Why? I’m not sure why. But a better question is what can we do to continue to stay motivated all year long. We must act like every month is the month of January!

Set and Review Goals Monthly

The first thing I’d recommend doing is reviewing and adjusting your goals on a monthly basis. The first of every month is a perfect time for this. In your mind, act like each month is a New Year and you have a whole new set of goals that upcoming month. Take a look at how you did with the previous months goals and don’t settle for not meeting goals. Simply doing this will help you not lose focus on what your true goals are and will give you a shorter time span to try and accomplish your goals.

That’s a short tip but it’s all I got for today. Act like every month is January and watch your productivity soar throughout the entire year.