Sarah Opened Up an “Arts” Academy in Morton, IL

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything on my personal blog. But todays the day 🙂 Today I wanted to talk about my wifes new business – Inspired Arts Academy.

Sarah opened up a new business here in our hometown, Morton Illinois, earlier this year (2012). Inspired Arts offers dance classes, art classes, theatre classes, music classes, spanish, after school clubs, themed birthday parties and more. These programs are for PreK to 8th grade students. It’s been quite the challenge and adventure to say the least.

So we bought a place right downtown Morton that couldn’t be more perfect. Great location. Great space. Good “curb appeal”. A little pricey – but whats new right? We did some mass renovations on the place, put in some walls, painted, put in dance floor and mirrors, and so on… It’s lookin good!

She has now had 2-3 sessions and the response has been great. I think she is up to 250+ total clients between the sessions. I couldn’t imagine it growing this fast but it has. She does a great job running the business and teaching the dance classes. She has a few teachers helping with art and theatre but the rest is her.

So what has been my role? Of course – the IAA website is mine to deal with 🙂 And a lot of the financial things. I guess I call myself the unpaid web and business guy. What a glorious job. But all in all, it’s good. Once things settle down and she can enjoy life again – things will be a little better. But we all know how hard new businesses are in the first year or so. Very hard! IE. Getaway Games debacle…

Hopefully I’ll start blogging on a more regular basis. Lots has changed. I took a new job in Morton Logistics as a black belt (NOT karate). A post about that is in the plans. Drew is in the middle of his first tackle football season. Heat basketball around the corner. We are thinking about converting to ITV3… Bryce is in pre-school! The Cardinals are back in the playoffs hoping for 12 in 12! And so on…

Meet Santa Claus

Our kids made the trip to the mall with Sarah to visit “Santa Claus”.  As you can tell, Alyssa wasn’t much for Santa.  She’s scared of anything dressed up in a costume these days.  Haha.

Number 3 in the works

As most of you have already heard.    We are pretty early in the game right now but our early projected due date is June 23rd.  That will give us a June, July and August birthday! Fun summers! We are mixed on if we want a boy or a girl. Alyssa is a little Diva right now so we are learning toward boy. But those girls are so darn cute  🙂  We really don’t care as long as he/she is healthy!  So now the fun discussions of names and everything begins.  Yippeee… Any suggestions on names?

Sarah has been feeling it this time around.  She has been nautious more than the last two. Hopefully there aren’t twins! Actually that would be cool – but doubtful. Well, I will keep everyone informed of progress and be sure to include some sono pictures as we go through.