Michael Jordan Retirement Tribute

It’s no secret that I have always admired Michael Jordan.  MJ was the greatest basketball player of all time.  His will and desire to win were like none other.  Guys like Kobe and Lebron in today’s game try to emulate Michael, but always fall a bit short.  Michael Jordan was recently inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.  Before I go any further about this I want you to take 15 minutes and watch the full speech Jordan gave (if you have seen it before, skip ahead)

So a lot of controversy has came from this speech. Michael Jordan is a different dude.  You can not expect him to get up on stage and make the same old, boring, speech that everyone else does.  He obviously is a very competitive person and apparently used anything and everything to “fuel” that fire.  He talked about how his high school coach made a mistake “cutting” him instead of another dude (who was in the crowd).  He flamed Dean Smith for not getting MJ on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  He ripped on the Bulls a little bit for their comment that Organizations win championships.  He thanked the likes of Isaiah Thomas, Magic Johnson and Pat Riley for bringing out the best in him.  He destroyed Bryon Russell for his comments when Jordan retired.  One thing after another.  It was like the opposite of a “roast”.

So did Michael come off as a bitter old man?  Maybe a little.  But one thing is apparent.  This guy just wants to be better than everyone when it comes to basketball.  That is what MAKES HIM TICK.  This is why he is the best ever.  To expect Jordan to come on stage and act any differently is naive.

What did you think of this?  I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a Michael Jordan website dedicated to his life… Maybe some day.  Until then, congrats to Michael Jordan for making the hall of fame!

Knup played ball against Michael Jordan

So as most of you know, I spent 4 years playing college ball at Elmhurst College.  Michael Jordan also ran his camp at Elmhurst College.  I got the opportunity to be a counselor at this camp all 4 years of my career.  The coolest part about this was that the other counselors were bigtime D1 players.  Guys like Shawn Marion, Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, etc… At night, when the “campers” were in bed – Jordan would come intot he gym and play pickup games with the counselors.  So, I HAVE PLAYED BASKETBALL AGAINST THE GREATEST EVER! MICHAEL FREAKIN JORDAN!  I like to claim I almost blocked his fadeaway… But yeah right.  This was in his hayday too while he was winning championships like it was a habit.

I created this post because I was tired of people not “believing” me when I told them this.  Where else would I get all this pictures?  And I’m the skinny kid out on the court, the boy amongst men, if you will.

So to make this the LONGEST post ever, I am going to attach a bunch of photos from the years I was there… Be sure to check out all of Jordan’s cars.  He brought something new each and every session.  SICK!