Christmas is finally over

We had our last 2 Christmas gatherings finally.  On Saturday we met at the Kowerko’s in Bloomington for the Peterson side of Christmas.  Was a great time.  Food, movies and some presents.  The kids had a fun time chasing each other through the basement and doing what kids do.  The adults did a “gift card exchange” so that was fun and easy.  We ended up getting Pizza Hut and The Buckle as our gift cards.  Perfect, since our kids love Pizza Hut.

Sunday was supposed to be the Friedrich Christmas but Joel and Ashley changed those plans.  They had little Morgan Peterson on Sunday morning!  So we moved back xmas to Monday night instead.  Friedrichs as fun as well though our kids were a tad crazy that late at night.  Drew got some “spy” walkie talkies and was loving those.  Lissy got a new camera that she loved too.  I got a sweet Cardinals blanket made by hand by Brooke!  Awesome.

So Christmas is over.  A big thanks to everyone who hosted Christmas, thanks to those who got us gifts, and a special thanks to my family for putting up with me over my work vacation  🙂  Back to work I go – soon.

Grand Bear Lodge with the Petersons

Every year Sarah’s family heads up to Ottawa area to enjoy a place called “Grand Bear Lodge”.  We do this as our “Christmas” pretty much.  This year we went a month before Christmas to avoid the business of December.  Everyone had so much fun as always.  The kids loved the indoor water park again.  This year, we had the WII to entertain us in the cabin as well.  They also introduced the first ever, Peterson Getaway Games, and can you guess who’s team won?  Yours truly!  Myself, Ryan Maas, Sarah and Bryce  🙂  Enjoy the pictures.