Winds and Rain do some damage

Last night was one of those nights that you just want to forget about. It started off as a normal and good night. Got my run in. Mowed the yard and got it all prepared for the Wednesday night backyard hoops. It was only like 95 degrees and windy so I knew hoops was a stretch – but none the less I got things ready. So my bro and I were out shooting around close to 7:00 PM in the 30 MPH winds. It was quite humorous and fun to see if we could even hit the rim as the ball was just swirlin. Then, it started gusting and pooring so we ran in. We didnt think much of it cause we both thought it was supposed to be a short lived “storm”. We head down to the basement to hang with his fiance, my wife and the kids.

A few minutes later we checked the back part of my basement (no carpet or anything finished). Just concrete floors basically. The back window well was 100% full of water. It seriously looked like a full aquarium. Needless to say water was leaking in. Wasn’t bad just some water coming in and I wasn’t sure how to get rid of it. The drain in the bottom of the window well was either covered, clogged or just backed up… ugh. So I started wet vaccuuming some of the water just to keep it controlled… not a biggie. But I still wanted to figure out why it wasn’t draining so I was running in and outside thinking about jumping in the well and trying to unclog the drain. But the window well was metal, with water, and terrible lightning outside. Probably not smart so i didn’t attempt it.

So then Sarah comes up from basement and shouts, “Where is the trampoline?” Sure enough, despite being staked down by 6 U-Stakes, the trampoline had been completed blown away by the strong winds. It apparantly went through our fence (busted 2 panels completely) and into our neighbors house. Luckily the house only had a dented gutter and a window screen hurt. That’s it! On the downside, the trampoline is 100% mangled and totalled… Our fence is hurtin. Wonderful! Just what I wanted to deal with.

Once the storm calmed down we were able to go outside and drag the trampoline back into our yard. Funny story, Bryce (our 2 year old) started crying saying, “oh no… no jump. jump broken…” That added a little humor to our sucky night at least. Called everything into insurance this morning and now waiting for the adjuster to come out and look at the damage and pictures. We are hoping they replace the trampoline but not sure if they will.

I’ve posted some of the pictures of what this wind did to the poor trampoline below.

elevate church visit in Morton

For a few months now we’ve been meaning to try out the new “elevate church” in Morton since it is somewhat of a spinoff to Riverside.  We finally made that happen yesterday.  It went well, except that Alyssa didn’t want to cooperate at all.  She was very clingy.  The Church was very nice and everyone was very friendly.  Little did we know they had a big “outside water day” for Drew’s age kid so he had an absolute ball.  Take a look at the pictures of him having a blast in the water.