Andre Iguodala Site Complete

So did you read yesterdays post about not starting “new” projects until finished with current projects?  Well, I’m considering my Andre Iguodala website a project that was already started.  I have owned the domain for a couple years now and have never done anything with it.  It’s a nice exact domain name but it does have the .INFO which kind of sucks.  Oh well.

So I decided to finally just get this stupid thing developed and see if I can get some traffic coming to it.  I’m not going to try and make any money from this site – YET.  All I’m going to do is collect emails and grow a targeted fan list for future use.  Once I have this list I can market different offers at anytime.  So no adsense or paid links or anything at this time.  I went ahead and got about 15 articles created on different topics surrounding Andre Iguodala.  It’s all published and I probably should spend a few more minutes internal linking but oh well.  I’ll add some pictures as time goes on and probably get a few incoming links as well to get some PR.

All in all, it’s not a very fancy site.  Purely informational but the end goal is to get traffic and grow a list.  The I can market my MONEY sites to this list in the future.  I actually own about 5-10 of these types of exact match domain names.  If this one starts to convert some visitors into the mailing list I’ll probably develop out the others.

  • Estimated cost to develop: $30
  • Estimated time spent: 3 hours

Take a look and if you own a site – link up to me with anchor “Andre Iguodala”. Thanks! Revamped

Finally made a few changes to!  Launched a brand new theme that takes on more of a magazine style look.  Maybe this will motivate me to keep up with posting a little better in 2009   🙂  Some fun things about this theme include:

  • Easy access to my social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, etc.)
  • Featured video near the bottom
  • Family posts scrollable across the top
  • Featured post below that
  • Latest blog entries below the featured post
  • In the sidebar you will see a Tag cloud, comments, popular posts

That’s just a few of the things that stand out about the new “”!  Hope you all enjoy it and looking forward to blogging into 2009.